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Rowan | Born '98 | they/them | Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Message me here at your own risk; I might forget to answer.

I'm Rowan and I type in lapslock (lowercase) when I'm not RPing;
I'm also a non-binary doofus that likes to write, art, and lurk.

Send me a message, I'm always down to RP. (That's why I'm here.)
Discord: the smallest owl#1998 | 11 AM - 11 PM (EST)

Send me friend requests! I adore them!
I'm a shut-in and making friends rounds me out as a person.
Send them over! ESPECIALLY if we haven't talked before!xxx
xxxxxI'm like a golden retriever, really.

Rave Reviews

Bunny. Bunny. My sweetest bunnyhop. I am writing this on the phone so I hope I can get away with zero typos. But heyo to the folks reading this! You see Owl here? Yeah easily one of the best writers I’ve had the honor of writing with. Characters? Chefs kiss. Writing? Chefs kiss. Art? Chefs kiss. You literally could never be disappointed when writing with them. Like. Ever. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Kamui
Holy moly, can Rowan write! They come up with such fun and funny scenarios on the fly, and their OC is a lovable dorkus. Deffo RP with this friendo, if you get the chance!! Great sense of humor Fast responses - RPJEANS

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