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Rowan | Born '98 | they/them | Eastern Standard Time (EST)
i'm currently only writing Icarus, my main. please do not ask for anyone else.

i'm Ro and i type in lapslock (lowercase) when i'm not RPing;
i'm also a non-binary doofus that likes to write, art, and lurk.
what do i fancy in a roleplay partner? what do i provide?

i've been roleplaying since 2012 and i am a native english speaker.
i write in 3rd person, past tense, and give 2+ concise paragraphs.
i absolutely adore it when people give that back. i tend to 'mirror length' with my partner and i value communication and comfort above all else.

talk to me, i'll take care of you. if something isn't working or i foresee something isn't going to work? nobody is going to waste their time.
time is precious to grown-folk. i'm someone who understands that.

not many people check here. congrats! you found the hidden bath-owl. ovo

go ahead and pick my brain about boundaries and limits.
i'm just gonna put this out there: i'm not someone who is squeamish.
fiction is very much fiction to me. i mentally keep a healthy distance;
there isn't much out there that disturbs me. i'll write almost anything.

just don't come at me with deep personal information or any kink lists. i'm still an entire person behind this keyboard. we are still strangers.


discord: DM me for the username | 11 AM - 11 PM (EST)
if you are looking to hire me, i have an art card: NOT OPEN!
please, do not send me a friend request if you are under 21+ years old!
i'm lookin' to write with grown-folks passionate about storytelling.
TvzGqf9.png I enjoy: organic interactions, plot focus,
most genres, and some world building.

I'll pass: plotless smut, forced romance,
possessive partners, and strict schedules.
xx"yaoi" stereotypes are also not welcome here.
i'm weary of possessive folks after being burned one too many times.
so, i'm just going to say the standard 'IC ≠ OOC' and quickly move on.
all art is mine unless i say otherwise; do not use it. do not trace it.
CfeZJLg.png eQnMgod.gif nsKgy8u.png zN6YaUU.png
F2U pixel stamps by Clear Dice on DA

where the heck am i roleplaying?
discord: i'm always RPing here. always.
furcadia: i'm lurking on TGT under Opto.

Rave Reviews

I have been writing with Rowan going on for two years. Rowan is a delight to write with as they are attentive, decisive, and are keen to communicate with you at all times depending on what is happening. They are always willing to develop well thought out writing opportunities and I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for that long-term RPing experience. 10/10 Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Sorrisky
Holy moly, can Rowan write! They come up with such fun and funny scenarios on the fly, and their OC is a lovable dorkus. Deffo RP with this friendo, if you get the chance!! Great sense of humor Fast responses - RPJEANS

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