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OwlGryphon either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Holy moly, can Eniiko write! They come up with such fun and funny scenarios on the fly, and their OC is a lovable dorkus. Deffo RP with this friendo, if you get the chance!! Great sense of humor Fast responses - RPJEANS
I genuinely think I would trade my firstborn child for Eniiko and have zero regrets. Move out of the way Nimbus, Eniiko is the true ray of sunshine that genuinely lights up your entire life with their presence. I've never met anyone that has clicked so well with my characters. Eniiko is always ready to put up with my clown behaviour and for that I am 200% thankful. Words cannot begin to describe how much their friendship / writing / characters / lore means to me!! Ride or die all the way :) Wonderful writer Long-term partner - oLuna

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