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Current state
Still lonely, not letting it get to me though. Much better mood now, come RP with me!


I am The U Wotter and by my profile picture you can clearly see my favourite word is: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

Other places to find me
Discord: OzzytheOtterboi#3076
Skype: Ozzyotter3001
F-List: Ask me

I write in first person, sorry for all you third person elitists but you can't get everything you want mate. I will happily write with you no matter what style you write in however, I am open minded.

For those that ERP with me
When it comes to ERP, I am mostly submissive. This just comes from my inferiority complex to other people so... Yeah. Sorry to all those who think my characters would be great as dominant. Plus I don't enjoy domming at all. So there's that too. Sorry lmao.

I tend to prioritise characters based on how new they are, how many RPs I've had with them and how much I like them.
Right now I really wanna RP with...
Vayne Rose!

And Sawney Erminion Furo/Gulo Zann Wildlough!

The priority list, highest being the top priority, goes like this:

Priority list
Vayne Rose
Sawney Erminion Furo
Kallo Xylocopa
Gulo Zann Wildlough
Geda Bassiss
Anglaias Bassiss/Jorannex
Sarobando Bassiss
Yuvithnah Anoa'i
Velfhedi Blood Axe I
Velfhedi Blood Axe VIII
Aeces Sylvaris (Sci fi)
Sanow Jaenz
Charles Nakamura
Lars Pure-Shoal
Finn Cillian McConcoille
Danas Yewshade
Thomas Wright
Aeces Sylvaris (Medieval fantasy)
James White
Gai'isto Uacha

Not as important.

My characters chasing after that RP

Medieval fantasy RP for life.

Medieval fantasy stuff



Random pictures you may think. Nope. All of my medieval fantasy characters live somewhere on these maps unless I state otherwise. And the flag is just the flag of that country; Eclasia.

Also, any character with this Coat of Arms on heir profile is a member of the Bassiss family... If you can't tell from their name...

What I do irl
So I'm a young lad who is full-time in college (2 and a half days apparently being full-time) and it's been a full year since I quit McDonald's, and I've never had a more proud anniversary. I'm now employed as a part-time apprentice site-carpenter. 2 years in college are paying off! There is absolutely nothing like working on a roof/top floor in the sun with good music on.

Workdays are the lesser likely days to get replies from me. If I disappear one day, it's likely I'm spending a lot of time at work.

I've always been suspicious that I could be asexual. On Monday the 20th of January, 2020, I accepted it. Don't worry I'll still do sexual RPs if you want, my characters are still all sexually charged.

If not obvious, I love Fantasy RP. Medieval fantasy is pretty much all I do if you look at my characters. I've never been as good at modern RPs but I can do them.

Sci fi is second favourite, I love using Sci fi Aeces, for I came up with his world myself. (Totally didn't rip off the Subnautica planet, change a few things, renamed it and present that as the finished product...)

Sigh Yes I'll do your Romance RPs and maybe ERPs, just don't expect me to be good... I have no experience in either relationships or sex, don't judge me or I'll break your arm I swear.

I have always been an avid gamer, I've played on:

Platform list
Playstation 1
Playstation 2
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo Wii
Xbox 360
Xbox One

I've even dabbled in a bit of PC, but mine couldn't handle many of the games I have. Profound sadness.

I currently mainly play Xbox, although I'm making more time to RP than game. Bored of my games at the moment.

Games I play are:

Games list
theHunter: Call of the Wild
Rocket League
EA sports UFC 2
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Mount and Blade: Warband
Human Fall Flat
Spintires: Mudrunner
Spyro: Reignited trilogy
War Thunder (Current favourite, trash at it tho)

I occasionally stream on Mixer too, with pretty much no viewers. Love my life.

And because I like lists (Especially the List of Jericho) here's one of my favourite characters (that are on this site):

Favourite characters
Vayne Rose
Sawney Erminion Furo
Sarobando Bassiss
Geda Bassiss
Kallo Xylocopa
Gulo Zann Wildlough
Anglaias Bassiss
Sanow Jaenz
Yuvithnah Anoa'i
Velfhedi Blood Axe I
Aeces Sylvaris
Velfhedi Blood-Axe VIII
Lars Pure-Shoal
Charles Nakamura
Thomas Wright
James White
Gai'isto Uacha
Finn Cillian McConcoille
Danas Yewshade

Character art
If anyone's wondering, the drawings on my characters are done for me by my good friend Replication!

Kallo is an exception, as he was a commission by Axya-Chan.

Otherwise any pictures of characters are screenshotted in games I play, and I own them. Otherwise, any pictures that aren't screenshots or drawings are not mine.

Btw... <|°_°|>

Rave Reviews

Ozzy my boy has been RPing with me for a while now, and I can confidently say that I love his style of RPing! At first, I did not like the idea of short responses but he has shown me how effective and gripping it can really be to follow.

I love the way this guy writes his fight scenes, and the dude's awesome to talk to, he's a funny ol' guy.

It is definitely worth to roleplay with this guy here, and I would definitely recommend roleplaying with him, no doubt.
He melts with his characters and allows you to go on an amazing journey with him, also, he adjusts his replies to your answers, is patient and answers rather fast, also he can be quite creative.
So if you're looking for a good roleplayer, you should definitely hit him up, you won't waste your time, and most importantly, you won't regret it. - Beenwritingtoomuch

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