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PK/Liam - He/They - Ace - Hi I Like Drawing

I'm doing my best to get back into RPing, please wait warmly. My interests include Pokemon,, and Touhou (I plan to RP with the first two series) and I like to RP original OCs as well. (Though warning, a lot of anthros because I am perhaps a furry). My writing is a bit short and to-the-point, but I would like to get into writing longer paragraphs at some point.

Major thing is that I do have memory issues, so if I have not responded in a while, you are more than welcome to bump or notify me if I forget to reply to something (please do this if I haven't responded in at least a couple hours though).

Please note I heavily prefer PG-13, though certain NSFW things I am willing to RP, although under specific conditions. (If needed, DM.) Additionally, I will not RP any romance with anyone under 18, sorry in advance.

Interests (Those in Bold I am willing to RP):
Pokemon,, Furries, Touhou Project, Ori and the Blind Forest, DnD, Arknights

Animals, cheese, music, Furbies, bideo bames (Nintendo games, especially), illustration, character design, world-building (in theory), literature analysis, computer science, and glitches

Styrofoam (Eugh, its texture), bigotry, drug use (for me specifically, if you use any, go off and have fun responsibly), drawing vehicles

Triggers (please try to avoid these topics when speaking to me, or if you cannot avoid the topics, spoiler and/or warn me):
Violence/harm toward animals (cats especially), stalking, gore, hopelessness language, loud/sudden noises (just applies to videos, but don't know if this'll occur here, but just in case)

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