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LE DISCORD - LunchboxGrapes#4292
Current State
My dog's health is way better and he's back to being the little devil he is. But now due to the coronavirus, I will be self quarantining myself and doing work from home for a while until things calm down :blue:

But anyways, greetings, My name if Robinia and thank you for reading this part of my profile, I appreciate your attention to detail. I'm just a person that enjoys a good rp once in a while, I have been roleplaying for about 7 years now and this started unsurprisingly on Wattpad. So, I can say with a little pride that I think I've gotten pretty decent knowledge on roleplaying than the one-liner with poor grammar I use to be back then

About Meself ;3
-I am a sucker for Romance, Adventure, and Modern/Historic RPs
- I love a Character Drive Plot (But who doesn't)
- I personally about 2 to +3 paragraphs or about 600 words depending on how yours looks
- I try to write about the same amount of words you write so I put as much work of making my reply as you do with yours, so it's not like you're writing 1,000 words while I'm writing 400
- I'm not a competitive person and enjoy when we're able to cooperate and make things work, like co-workers almost
- I try to keep everything organized and keep up with my replies, but I understand that life can get in the way and I hope you do too when I many disappear, I don't mean to ghost but stuff happened and I'm sorry if I do that to you
Monday - 1:00pm~8:00
Tuesday - 1:00pm~8:00
Wednesday - 1:00pm~8:00
Thursday - 1:00pm~8:00
Friday - All day
Saturday - All day
Sunday - All day

Rave Reviews

This is one of the best people Ive had the known pleasure of knowing and roleplaying with! She is absolutely sweet, fun to talk to, and a very detailed roleplayer! I just love spending time with her. I love how open minded she is with roleplays, ideas and all. I absolutely adore her as a friend, a roleplayer, and as a Kitten ;) Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Weasel334
Shes a great role player she sticks with the story and shes great at giving it twists and turns. - Slug

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