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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 33
  • Birthday: May 29

My name is Lor, I'm a player on Furcadia and have been playing for about ten years now (yikes, correct that! Twelve.). If I am on, I am on to play so if you ever want it just whisper me and we can do this thing! I'm a big geek and a dork, have a really bad sense of humor. When it comes to rp, I am not so big on needing consent. You will probably have permission to do whatever you want to my characters as long as there is good reason. I love to play characters from birth to death, in depth histories and para rp. I'm pretty dern friendly as long as you are, but there are times when I am cranky and sensitive and if you catch me on a bad day I respond pretty well to being told I am acting like a jerk.
Real life interests include lots of things. Reading of course. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Charles Dickens. All sorts of books are nifty. I tend to binge watch crummy TV while rping in the background. My favorite genre is horror even if I am a big chicken.

I do not have a very solid schedule, and if you are looking for someone who is on every day I am sadly not your dude! I pop on twice or so a week on Furcadia and am chill with forum and pm rp. Life just happens to be a busy thing with spending quality time with my fiance, working, and other hobbies.

Like all rpers I have things I


Relaxed Encounters: Chances for characters to make friends, do business, develop as a normal character.
Long Running Plot: Mysteries, relationships, jobs. Sensible amounts of action and drama.
Companions: Family, friends, pets.

And things I
Don't Like
But just because I don't like them doesn't mean I don't like you. It just means I do not prefer these situations, and might step out.
Impossible and unexplained: A giant dragon who is bigger than the door walks into the tavern. How? Explain it? Size shifting, that is cool.. but otherwise it makes no sense. Why are they in the tavern? For a drink, for some food? Cool. But if they are in there just so a dream full of people can marvel at their age, their power and their general awesomeness I am over it (and so are most of my characters who have seen it time and time again.) Play real, get real responses.
Forced romance: Sometimes characters are not destined to be. If they are not, then they are not. Don't keep forcing it. One thing that bothers me is when someone is all about rp when it could turn romantic, but the second they learn that it is not going to happen they either throw an ooc fit or disappear and throw away any story that was happening. I know friend zone can suck, but sometimes groovy roleplay comes out of normal interactions.
OMG DRAMA: Every rp needing someone to be bleeding, suicidal, deathly ill, needing to be rescued, Timmy fell down a well! All about one person and how they constantly need rescue.

Mostly I just love to write. I am here for that. So please, if you want to write with me let me know!

Rave Reviews

  • An incredible roleplayer full of feeling with characters you'll love to watch grow. Seriously, their creations will be your newest addiction. Add to it that they're one of the kindest people on the planet and you're bound to find a great story with Lor no matter your level of experience.
    -- jekoh
  • Our rp paths have caused us to separate a little, but it still stands that I have a good time when I rp with Paich and I always will. I look forward to what we do next with our characters, especially those in the same family. I have no regrets for settling down to...
    -- Djinn-n-Tonic

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  • Paich gave Penumbra kudos!
    "While I've given kudos before, I thought I would again. I've actually stopped role-playing and do not come on here often. But it should be said that there are few writers with such imagination and skill in the execution of a character that it still makes you think on their characters long after you've stopped playing. The characters are perfection. Mysterious, horrifying, lovable. And the player is kind hearted, forgiving, funny. I'm lucky to have spent my RP days with them, and you'd be too."
    (About 2 months and 2 weeks ago)