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The most adorable rat you'll ever meet.

Hi there! In real life I refer to myself as a muse. I do just about everything related to the arts.

I draw, I write, I'm an award winning makeup artist, and I do hair! I love fashion and I can speak fluent Japanese!

So, it's nice to meet you! I look forward to RPing with you soon!

Rave Reviews

Paliana is a talented roleplayer, and I'm glad she's on my side! I'm a little afraid when her character gets kinda stabby! ;p She's fantastic, though. I have a great scene every time she's there. - Micheru
I've been RPing with Paliana and her various characters for years now, and it's an interesting ride everytime! Her characters are always unpredictable and different from anything you'd expect. <3 - Rose

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