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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: February 02

I am mesmerized by the gentle pounding of the rain
and the melancholy of the tunes flowing through my body.
(Why is it not possible to capture a feeling?)

Rave Reviews

  • a rather fun individual with probably the best writing skills, i’ve ever seen. we’ve bonded from day one, and i’ll never grow tired of our pointless conversations. u’re the panda to my ice, truly a fantastic personality
    muchos lovos from me to u
    -- icetea
  • This one right here, is one of the good ones. I swear she is the queen of ship, whenever her character is in relationship with another character, you can't help but ship it. She is so darn creative, and her ideas are always original and fun. Other than that she is...
    -- Emily903

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