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I'm relatively friendly writer that generally doesnt have much time to do anything outside of... well... life. I am a full time college student and trying my best to complete some semblance of adulthood. Despite that, I do enjoy a good, high detail, long term roleplay. In fact, I practically live for plots that give me something to sink my teeth into.

My roleplay moto is "Quality before Quantity, and Quality before Frequency". I put my full effort into every post I write. I typically give anywhere from 400-1000 words in past tense, third person limited. I will write more if I'm really into it or I'm describing something like a new location.

As expected, my characters are full-bodied and deep-- I don't play around with my character development even if they are made for fun. Each one of my guys has been under ongoing character development for at least 3 years (one has been active for 10). If that isnt enough to show that I'm serious, I don't know what to tell ya.

Now, when speaking about genres, let's play it safe. While I can skew elements of practically anything into my plots, I am the biggest fan of supernatural, mystery, drama, horror, and (yes) romances. Regardless of the genre, I need--

   -A Slower-Paced Plot. This refers to the general speed of the overall plot. There will be slow and fast parts in each plot, but I like a steadier/slower plot for the sake of detail. The only exception is if it's a thriller and it's supposed to be fast. I usually can't keep up with those, though, so plot-pitcher's discretion advised.

   -Actual Conflict. We are essentially dropping two people into a scene and saying "okay, now talk and get along"-- this works fine in daycare, but not so much with adults. Most people need a reason to be in the same space with another person. Having a goal for them work together on gives a reason for them to converse and bond. Any type of conflict and motivation is okay, but I prefer multiple arcs with different conflicts/themes that try our characters' selves as well as their relationship-- be it platonic, romantic, or sexual. The more arcs we can make up, the longer our plot is going to be.

   -Multiple Characters. This is an opportunity to bring in other characters for shits and giggles. These character don't necessarily have to be full time, either. All of my characters have a character network-- their friends and family (and even them) regularly end up in a plot that has nothing to do with them. Your coworker might just be Adalai's best friend or Zarias' step-sister, Toren could be that annoying customer who comes in once and throws at fit and, then, you could find yourself having Ares' uncle as your cabbie after a bar night. I encourage you to do the same, since repeating characters like this helps you develop them without making them center focus. Sometimes, characters just work better in the background.

   -Dark Elements. Gore and blood are only two dark elements, hun. Let's go psychological. Let's talk rape, suicide, abuse, depression, character death, and angst. Let me laugh at the good parts and then laugh again at the misery we're putting these poor people through. These themes don't have to take center stage, but it's a nice touch to sneak in because life is never sunshine and lollipops. Dark elements can be added without having the entire plot careen into a pit of pain and suffering... unless you're into that.

   -Slow Burn Romance. I am a fan of having romantic sub-plots, but that doesn't mean that we have only kind of try on it. If romance is involved, I want to drag it out and give the pairing time to actually figure one another out. If I have my way, it should take our characters in-rp weeks, maybe months, to KISS, let alone anything else (even though I'm down for smut).

Interested? Hit me up with an idea. If I come to you, I'll go nuts with the plot planning. Join me and let's make this one hell of a ride!


Rave Reviews

Emotion, description! Every post that I get is always a treat that places me into the world of our characters. Their writing style is easy to consume and engaging, their characters all have something to love about them, and chatting about hypotheticals is incredibly fun! If you love the intricacies of interaction, character development, and really collaborating on something with someone, then this is the partner for you~ - Mayiamaru
We've been RPing for a little bit now, and I can already say that, even though our RP only has a few messages, I'm already incredibly immersed. The detail that this person includes in their responses is incredible. I've already felt so many emotions while reading back over the whole story, and we're no where near complete. I can't wait for what the future holds. :) - staticnightmares

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