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Hi! This is my second account on here cause I couldn't log into my old one. I used to be Pandas71!

But anyways, hello! I'm Pandas and it's a pleasure to meet you all once again! I'm a bit fan of anime, and that's mostly what I roleplay! I wanna try out some new things, so if you wanna rp, just let me know!

My main fandoms are Voltron, BMC, Hamilton, and My Hero Academia!

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I know I haven't been roleplaying with Pandas for long... but she is super sweet and an amazing write and roleplayer! I'm so glad I have been given the chance to do so. - paperplane
Pandas here is a great role player, as their responses are quick, detailed, and always have sown humor in them. If your looking for a rp partner, then look no further! - UltraNecroziumZ

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