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Pantrane is a very kind and generous person! I was incredibly touched to receive a detailed character image based on my written description and existing art that perfectly encompassed my vision for her. Pantrane did an excellent job and if they ever take commissions, I can only recommend them. - Sanne
Hmm.. What can I say about Pantrane? Well, he's my oldest RP partner and a real sweetheart. He and I have been going back and forth on my character Liza with his OC Thazzar for nearly a year now. He's very creative with his posts, and he strives to put humor in them too. His OCs are full of character and really come to life! He's not afraid to say something in OOC with ideas, and he is very easy to talk to as well. If you've not had the pleasure of RP'ing with him, then you're missing out! - UrbanLady

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