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♡ Hello there, my name is Pastel_Lollipop! You can call me Lolli or Bunny for short. I was directed to this site through a close group of friends, and figured I should try my hand. I am very very friendly and open to making new friends! Please don't be afraid to say hello, if you stop by. We might have alot of interests in common! Such as I am a big bookworm, (anything in the fantasy genre is right up my alley), I love playing games, (usually Zelda/Pokémon for Nintendo players, and treasure related games such as Assassins Creed, Tomb raider, and Uncharted for PlayStation.), love mythology (specially Greek mythology), and I am a huge animal lover.

♡ As for my writing style, I try to give back back what I receive. You reply with a paragraph or two, I will try my hardest to respond in kind. It can be difficult sometimes. As far as I know I only have a few "Absolutely Not" scenes that we can discuss further if ever needed.

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