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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: July 14

Talks like Merida, looks like Merida.

Slowly trying to ground myself after suffering a major injury in my leg. As a dancer, performer and athlete this has been extremely rough and I apologise to everyone I've left hanging these past few months as I try to gain the motivation and energy to write again.

UPDATE: Healing slowly but surely, and I'm starting to gain a little bit of my muse back. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and messages <3

DISCORD - peachesvoid #5074

Rave Reviews

  • This lady definitely deserves a pile o' praise bigger than this one, because from the very beginning of our literate venture, she was quick to make me adore her outrageously beautiful writing style, complete with lovable characters and a captivating plot and setting...
    -- GarnaalProductions
  • Granted, our roleplay hasn't been going on for all that long, but I just want to give this wonderful lady the credit she deserves. Her posts are so full of detail, and they leave you wanting to reply as soon as you can, whilst eagerly awaiting her next response....
    -- Mintelle

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