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Huge thanks to Degu who designed my profile picture! I love it! As well as the actual PenGryphon itself.


About Me

Huge thanks to all the amazing people I've met online and specifically through this site. I'm really not very active anymore (life has eaten up pretty much all my spare time) but if you can draw inspiration from my characters--all the better! I mostly use this as a reservoir for my OCs now rather than to RP. Sorry!

I'm off to write novels and one day get published! :D

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A young mechanic that has a rather cool way of dealing with cars, even talking ones that have eyes. Just be sure he doesn't happen to catch sight of anything he dislikes. - Kyra45
Nebi (played by PenGryphon2007)
Nebi is the perfect fit to my Ara. He's so sweet and cute and at the same time bad. He's a bad guy who sometimes does the right thing ;) - TheLily

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