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Yer average group of misfits

I keep drawing myself profile pictures oml-

OK SO, a quick announcement before I get to the whole 'all about me' part, I'm still in high school so I'm mostly online every 3:50-4:40ish ( depending on homework and stuff ) during weekdays and mostly online every weekend. I’m also part of a drama club, so some days it will take me longer to be online.

I love my comics (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)


Ok, here's a few things about me.
Nickname: Pen
Species: Human
Colour of hair: Brown
Eye colour: Blue
What I prefer: Eddsworld, MxM roleplays are pretty tasty, Caretaker or guardian RP's.
Gender: Agender ( I prefer 'them' or 'they' basically )
Height: Short. I'm short.
Age: Between 14-18 ( Still not comfortable sharing it so you can guess, ehehe... )
Weight: Why do you need to know this tho?...

Like most teenagers I’m very self conscious about myself


¯_( ͡─ ⏥ ͡─)_/¯ I’ll also barley talk in OOC’s too, unless if you PM me. The game forums are also a rarity to see me in.

And yes I love a good MxM roleplay, I support LGBT so you’re all welcomed


Characters themes:
( I picked these out carefully, some don't have theme's since I don't use them )

Arcane ( one of my favourites )-
Normal : Canterella
Blind: Meltdown

Liam ( Another one of my favourites ) - Dissolve.

Tord Larson ( one of my favourites )- Nostalgia ( 2 )

Maxwell ( One of my favourites ) - Story of evil ( hehehehe )

Tom ( one of my favourites ) - Nice Boys]

Pen ( First ever character ) - It's raining somewhere else ( Her music box plays a similar tune )

Edd - dear

Macho - Shop~ Music box

I personally love Liam’s and Toms theme song, there really good and so listen to them often (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵).

Ah yes, before I forget, I draw comics. Please please stop asking me to draw your character, my inbox is getting FLOODED with these and I spent an hour feeling horrible after I said I can’t due to my other art requests pwp.

And now a little about yours truly.
Yes! I’m still in high school and in drama club. I fancy really old brothers grimms fairy tales due to how dark they are, can you believe little children actually read them?
Yes, a few characters such as Liam, Edd and Tord are drawn by me, Liam was made with a computer mouse so he might be a bit strange looking but I’m super proud on how he turned out.

More about me in the form of recently asked questions

Do I still live with my mom?

Well yes only because I’m a sophomore in high school still. I slightly can’t wait to move out. :3

How did I start roleplaying?

It all started in elementary when I first played roblox like all the other kids in elementary. I played this one game that was about my little pony ( I was in elementary so you have no right to make fun of me without looking like a bully >:D ). I never role played as any of the characters and just used the decals in the library. I was hooked, and soon I grew out of roblox, not completely but I play it less. I used roblox for roleplaying up until last year when I gradually graduated to this site. I must be honest it expanded my vocabulary thanks to all the buddies I met and highschool essays are now a lot more easier.

What are some comic ideas I made and are my roleplays inspire by them?

I made a comic about a blind boy and a beast, a man falling in love with a close friend, a childs imagination and a lot more, but those are recent themes put into different styles. My roleplays are indeed inspired by my comics honestly, but mostly I come up with things from the top of my head

Does drama club inspire me? And what do I do in drama club?

Well sometimes but not all the time. It’s mostly just boring love stories like Romeo and Juliet or cliche musicals, haha. I make the props For the stage. It requires a lot of work but I have fun since I do with stage crew and most of my friends are in stage crew so I have a lot of fun. Tho it takes me an awful long time to post roleplay responses.

Do I have any pets?

I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. The dogs names are butters because she’s yellow like butters and kailey. My cats names are Coral because of the color of her fur and the others name is canon because he’s black and grey. You call most of my pets names strange but I Think there cute.

Please do not do smut roleplays with me without asking if it’s ok but fluff and spicy scenes are ok without my
Permission. Also French kissing is allowed to. Also, please try to type more then 3 sentences and we will be A Ok

Me in the background doodling and murmuring song lyrics to myself with a calm expression:
‘Candy candy candy candy candy candy candy candy....’

Besides those little additions, I have no idea what else to add so let’s say this is just a work in place.

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Pen is a great person to talk to OOC and definitely is worth an RP to try out with! They are very creative and artistic, and have a gentle and carefree attitude! Having had a taste of their RP allowed me to see the amazing writer in them, with detailed posts about their character that left me wanting to know more! I would definitely get to do another RP with them soon! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Animatonica
Well, Pen_Tsunami here got me to do a roleplay in a genre that I never thought I would do. The Twisted Ones was an amazing opportunity for me to get into new genres and ideas, although there still is great mystery about my character. So, if you ever need a good idea or roleplay, definitely hit up this person. You won't regret it! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

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