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Yer average group of misfits

OK SO, a quick announcement before I get to the whole 'all about me' part, I'm still in high school so I'm mostly online every 3:50-4:40ish ( depending on homework and stuff ) during weekdays and mostly online every weekend. I’m also part of a drama club, so some days it will take me longer to be online.

I love my tord babies. <3

Happy holidays! :D


Ok, here's a few things about me.
Nickname: Pen
Species: Human
Colour of hair: Brown
Eye colour: Blue
What I prefer: Eddsworld, MxM roleplays are pretty tasty, Caretaker or guardian RP's.
Gender: Agender ( I prefer 'them' or 'they' basically )
Height: Short. I'm short.
Age: Between 14-18 ( Still not comfortable sharing it so you can guess, ehehe... )
Weight: Why do you need to know this tho?

I finished drawing another PFP Aren't they cute? :,D


¯_( ͡─ ⏥ ͡─)_/¯ I’ll also barley talk in OOC’s too, unless if you PM me. The game forums are also a rarity to see me in.

And yes I love a good MxM roleplay, I support LGBT so you’re all welcomed


Characters themes:
( I picked these out carefully, some don't have theme's since I don't use them )

Arcane ( one of my favourites )-
Normal : Canterella
Blind: Meltdown

Liam ( Another one of my favourites ) - Dissolve.

Tord Larson ( one of my favourites )- Nostalgia ( 2 )

Maxwell ( One of my favourites ) - Story of evil ( hehehehe )

Tom ( one of my favourites ) - Nice Boys]

Pen ( First ever character ) - It's raining somewhere else ( Her music box plays a similar tune )

Edd - dear

Macho - Shop~ Music box

Tord Rose - Open Up Your Eyes.

I personally love Liam’s and Toms theme song, there really good and so listen to them often (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵).

Rave Reviews

Well, Pen_Tsunami here got me to do a roleplay in a genre that I never thought I would do. The Twisted Ones was an amazing opportunity for me to get into new genres and ideas, although there still is great mystery about my character. So, if you ever need a good idea or roleplay, definitely hit up this person. You won't regret it! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Anonymous
This person here is an amazing role player,i love how detailed their replies are,and i love how creative they are. They spend alot of time on making the replies as detailed as possible. They are also very funny and sweet when chatting in an OOC. So kudos for you my friend

<3 Jet Storm - JetStorm

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