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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: April 17

Just a reminder to all of my roleplay partners and potential ones as well. I have returned to school to become an MLT. Since it's been some time since I've graduated (and I'm taking advanced level classes, yay medical degrees!), I will be focusing on my studies. I will be checking RPR daily but I won't be available during all hours of the day as I was before. I promise that I will respond sometime.

I have also made all of my characters anonymous. So if you are wanting to RP with me, please send me a PM with a proposed idea and I'll see if I have someone who complements it or I can always throw together someone new. :)

About Me


I am a student (again) and mom from the Midwest, US. My main method of roleplaying is over Discord (because it's cross-platform), but I am flexible.

I'm new to this community but not new to roleplay. I started out with D&D 3.5 at age 18 (I was a late bloomer). A few years later, I was introduced to MMO roleplaying in LOTRO. It woke a hunger, and I needed to feed the beast. I moved on to ESO after it was released and remained for years. I have since then left the ESO community. After a few years, I decided to put my roleplay gloves back on and dust off the keyboard, and here I am!

Contact me if you would like to know more. I don't like to share too much personal stuff on a public profile, but after you get to know me I'm pretty open. It's easier to reach me on Discord (May#6265).

(I hope that this is an unnecessary annotation to my profile, but people who are bigots, homophobes, sexist, racist, etc. can remain off of my page and out of my inbox.)

What I'm Looking For

Now that you know a little about me, let's look at what I'm looking for.

Genres/themes I enjoy:
  • Fantasy
  • Medieval
  • Romance (including marriage/kids)
  • Adult
  • Adventure
  • I'm also slowly getting into Modern

  • Because I roleplay some intense topics (and I do not "fade to black") my partner must be at least 18. This is not negotiable.
  • I'm looking for long-term partners. However if our writing styles do not match, I'm fine with concluding a roleplay and not continuing.
  • Post length - I don't require you to respond with a novel, but I would like to know what is happening in a scene. One can do a one-liner and still provide enough information to work with. If you don't put effort into roleplaying with me, then I will likely not show any effort as well. Then neither of us are having fun.
  • Activity - I'm looking for active to semi-active partners.

What I Do/Don't Do

Let's move on to what I do and what I won't do in terms of RP.

What I do:
  • Language, sex, violence - I have no issues with roleplaying things realistically and completely. I prefer not to "Fade to Black", as I feel it makes the roleplay feel awkward.
  • Smut - A lot of my roleplays have sexual themes. And sometimes these themes can be... extreme. I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to most subjects but there are certain ones I will not touch. If you wish to learn more about this, message me as there are minors on this public forum.
  • LGBT+ - Being LGBT+ myself, I am comfortable roleplaying these topics.
  • Extreme situations - Honestly, I've roleplayed out some situations that most people wouldn't take lightly, i.e rape, torture, etc. Like I stated earlier, I don't "Fade to Black" and I'm surprisingly comfortable touching these issues.
  • WIP characters - I'd consider all of my characters to be "WIP" simply because I keep them vague to be able to mold them to any situation. I don't mind if others don't have a flushed out character.
  • Roleplay on other forums - I'm willing to take a roleplay off of RPR. My preferred method is actually Discord, but I've ventured to other sites as well.
  • Roleplay original settings - I've roleplayed in other people's creations before. Although it makes me nervous to use a new set of lore and whatnot, I am willing to give it a try if you're patient with me. :)

What I WON'T do:
  • Playing as a child - I'm sorry, I just can't make a child OC. For example, high school RP, or Harry Potter RP. I have to play someone who is at least 18. It's just a personal preference. On that note, though, I am willing to play a child as a side character. Just not my OC.
  • Play as cannon - Please don't approach me to play a cannon character. I find it difficult to mirror another person and predict what they would/wouldn't do in a situation. I don't enjoy it. I'm here to have fun. This includes shipping.
  • Group roleplay - This one is more of a maybe. It's definitely not preferred, but if it were a small group I might be convinced. (Roll for Diplomacy check!)

Rules and Guidelines

Here are some rules, as well as some guidelines to consider if you'd like to roleplay with me:
  1. As I said previously, my partner must be 18+. This is a firm rule and I will not be swayed.
  2. I roleplay in past-tense third-person. I'm more wishy-washy on the tense, though, but I find it difficult to roleplay in first-person.
  3. You do not own my characters. You do not control them. Most likely, I will also be using the same character in another instance, like a "multiverse". I do not usually play one character with only one person. There are so many character slots and also so many back-stories, situations, and personalities that I can keep locked away in my brain vault.
  4. And the MOST important rule of all... HAVE FUN! If you're not having fun, I'm not having fun. Please keep in communication with me. Talk to me, be honest with me. I promise I won't be offended. If you feel that our styles don't mix well, or that I should be doing something differently, please let me know instead of ghosting.

I think that's about it. Mind you, this is a living list and I will likely change it from time to time depending on if I come across a new situation.

If you're interested, I hope to hear from you soon. If not, I hope you have a fantastic day.

Happy roleplaying! ☮


Rave Reviews

  • 500 characters are not enough letters to even begin to describe what an amazing person Penguincolada is but I am going to try. Penguin is an amazing roleplayer that literally takes my breath away and every time I have a reply in my inbox I freakout praying it's hers....
    -- Lady-Angiris
  • PenguinColada has a great sense of humor and has created a relatable and smart character for my character to play off of. She is a joy to collaborate with OOC, and is very kind and patient, especially when dealing with hectic schedules. Don't miss out on a chance to storytell with her!
    -- Ihavenostaff

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