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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 26
  • Birthday: April 17

(IMPORTANT NOTES: I am extremely socially awkward. I rarely am the one who reaches out first. Please bear with me, as some days my anxiety gets the better of me, even in online interactions. Thank you for understanding.)

(IMPORTANT NOTE 2: If you are considering roleplaying with me, please scroll down to the list where I have posted what I'm looking for and rules that I would like to follow. It is located below my introduction.)

Just a reminder to all of my roleplay partners and potential ones as well; as of August 19th, I will have begun classes once more. Since it's been some time since I've graduated, I will be focusing on my studies. I will be checking RPR daily but I won't be available during all hours of the day, as I was before.



I am a student (again) and mom from the Midwest, US. My main method of roleplaying is over Discord (because it's cross-platform), but I am flexible.

I'm new to this community but not new to roleplay. I started out with D&D 3.5 at age 18 (I was a late bloomer). A few years later, I was introduced to MMO roleplaying in LOTRO. It woke a hunger, and I needed to feed the beast. I moved on to ESO after it was released and remained for years. I have since then left the ESO community, but my roleplay is still very Elder Scrolls based.

I am mostly a fantasy roleplayer, but I am open to other genres. I'd much rather do one-on-one stories, though I am willing to participate in group RPs if there are not too many others.

Contact me if you would like to know more. I don't like to share too much personal stuff on a public profile, but after you get to know me I'm pretty open. It's easier to reach me on Discord (PenguinColada#6265).

(I hope that this is an unnecessary annotation to my profile, but people who are bigots, homophobes, sexist, racist, etc. can remain off of my page and out of my inbox.)
Rules/What I'm Looking For:

Now that the introduction is out of the way, I want to state what I'm looking for as well as lay down some rules:
  • I like to play realistically. If a situation warrants language, sex, or violence, I'm likely to roleplay it out instead of "fading to black". Because of this, I require all of my partners to be 18+. This is a firm rule and I will not negotiate.
  • Sexual themes and smut. Yes, I will roleplay both. However, there are topics I will not touch. If you are interested in what I will and will not consider, please message me. Because there are minors on this website, I will not list them out on a public forum.
  • When I post, I am looking for a long-term partner. One-offs are nice, but I am in it for the long haul. :)
  • I don't require you to respond with a novel, but I would like to know what is happening in a scene. One can do a one-liner and still provide enough information to work with. If you don't put effort into roleplaying with me, then I will likely not show any effort as well.
  • Ghosting: We all know it. A partner just doesn't want to continue so they just stop responding. I consider this extremely rude and highly insulting. If you don't want to roleplay with me, fine. I don't mind and I won't be offended. Sometimes writing styles do not mesh. But please communicate this with me. For the record, I consider ghosting to be no response after 2 - 3 weeks. Of course, I do not count instances where a player cannot respond because of circumstance (but please let me know beforehand). Also, don't be surprised if I don't try to reach out to you after about a week.
  • Now, on to my preferred style of roleplay. I'm looking for partners who are similar to me in this regard. I prefer to roleplay in past-tense and in third person. I am a little more wishy-washy with the tense though, as I have played using present-tense. It is not my favorite but if you convince me, I might do it.
  • You do not own my characters. I have roleplayed with "jealous" players who feel that I should only roleplay one character with only them. There are only so many character slots and also so many back-stories, situations, and personalities I am willing to keep locked away in my brain vault. I see it as a "multiverse" kind of situation. If you do not like this, please don't contact me.
  • I've kept my characters somewhat vague for a reason. This is so that I can mold them to fit any lore or situation. If you are interested in a character of mine but aren't sure that our characters would fit well together, message me. I am willing to work something out.
  • And finally, we are all here to have fun! If you aren't having fun in a roleplay, please inform me. I am flexible and am willing to bend a story a little so that both of us are enjoying ourselves. If you're not having fun, it shows in the quality of roleplay. And then I'm not having fun. So I guess the summary of this bullet-point is please communicate with me.

*Aaaaand* that's it! If you're interested, I hope to hear from you soon. If not, I hope you have a fantastic day.

Happy roleplaying! ☮

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