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You can call me Penna or Mel if you'd rather use my actual nickname! I'm a 27 yo pan... something(I use she/they) looking for some new rp experiences!

I've been rping since I was about 12-13, so you could say it wasn't a phase hahaha

As a busy adult that has a full-time job, I personally tend to prefer more casual roleplays, by that I mean not necessarily having to write multiple paragraphs for one single reply (Thought I can definitely do so sometimes) :)

I love all matters of stories/settings, wether it's modern, high-fantasy (think DnD), casual magic, realistic, sci-fi (though I'm less used to it). I've honestly dabbled in all kinds of stories with a diversity or characters.

I haven't entered all my characters yet on my profile, but I like to think I have a pretty good variety (though I do tend to make more masculine characters, woops)

What I enjoy roleplaying
• Fluff/Romance (Especially queer romances)
• Drama
• Good character/relationship development
• Casual/Slice of life
• Slow burns
• Most likely other stuff I can't seem to put my finger on right now

What I will not roleplay
• Highly sexual scenes (kisses, hugging and cute stuff is fine, not here for the smut though)
• Meaningless violence (i am not against it if it's for plot purposes however, but asking is appreciated)
• Rape scenes
• I would feel uncomfortable rping with minors unfortunately, as I tend to enjoy romance roleplay a lot

What I'm unsure about
• I do not have any anthro characters for the time being and don't know if that'd work well for me
• Fighting scenes are not something I've done a lot either so I tend to be pretty clunky with it (And they're weirdly stress inducing for me)

Other than rp, I love tabletop rpgs like DnD and I've participated in many custom games(Pokemon, Murder Mystery, Witchcraft School and some others) based on the World of Darkness system. I also love video games of many different kinds (rpgs, simulators, indie games, nintendo games...) and I also love drawing and of course creating stories and characters as a whole!

All of my characters' art has been made either by me or my friends, to the exception of some portraits that might seem more realistic (those were made on Artbreeder)

Note: English is not my first language, so clunky sentences or mistakes might happen here and there!

Rave Reviews

Penna is a gem, and saying that in a community where I've found so much positivity is really saying something.
She writes beautifully and has been entirely open to ideas and plot suggestions, while still giving more than her fair share. Feels like we're on the premices of an epic tale, and I couldn't ask for a better partner for it. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Claywind

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    Lemon is genuinely amazing! I've been having a blast since I started rping with him and I can safely say that I would select more than two pros for him. He has tons of great ideas, his world is great and he always answers my questions whenever I have some. He's very open to ideas as well and it's super easy to find common ground. Overall a wonderful person and rp partner! :) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
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