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This has been a long time coming, but it's because it's hard to fit all the compliments this person deserves in 500 letters! In barest essence, they were born to write, their imagination is boundless, and their storytelling skills hark back to the ideal art of story itself. Tension, love, fear, laughter, sadness.. Basically every emotion you possess, Slipcast can easily rip out of you with their skillful writing. I'm not even mentioning how thoughtful, patient, + kind they are OOC! - Hachirou
Probably the longest, consistent friend I've had on RPR and over-all Roleplay partner. I have adored them since I met them several years ago (DAMN doesn't seem that long ago!).
They are a wonderful person and a damn good story-teller. Their characters are also incredibly unique and always worth just knowing about.
You'd be crazy not to give them a shot. - Vicious

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