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Penumbra's Characters

Penumbra either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Another person I wished I had a chance to RP with more, but I can appreciate her art and knack for world building. The times I have RP'd with her she brings a certain gravitas to the scenes that is always appreciated. Her attention to detail in her character designs make them feel more alive and unique, I would recommend RP with her if you have the chance! - Carrera-Viper
There's so much to say about Pen that it's hard for me to boil it down. They are an amazing artist and writer with an imagination that truly will astonish you. It's like being in a movie when you RP with any of their characters. But their focus is on having fun - and so they incorporate you and everyone else into the RP in so many ways. They keep you on your feet with plots, always guessing, and always leaving a trail of mystery to follow. - jamerson

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