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Penumbra's Characters

Penumbra either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Pen is the kind of writer you want to aspire to be. Brilliant character designer, amazing world builder, fantastic artist. I am forever in awe of them, and am beyond glad to have them as an rp partner. More than that, they are kind hearted, an amazing listener, and offer wonderful advice. Thank you for all that you do. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Jenn
While I've given kudos before, I thought I would again. I've actually stopped role-playing and do not come on here often. But it should be said that there are few writers with such imagination and skill in the execution of a character that it still makes you think on their characters long after you've stopped playing. The characters are perfection. Mysterious, horrifying, lovable. And the player is kind hearted, forgiving, funny. I'm lucky to have spent my RP days with them, and you'd be too. - Paich

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