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I'm an Active Role Player, who absolutely LOVES " Percy Jackson and the Olympians ", drawing, and all of the above! I prefer to Role Play on via Discord if you are interested in any ideas or characters that I have.
( Note: Just please let me know that you found me on here before we get started on anything. )

Other Fandoms that I can Role Play, besides PJO:

1. Sony Picture Animation's ( SPA ) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
2. Disney's Zeke and Luther & I'm in the Band
3. DreamWorks Animation's Megamind
4. Netflix's Glitch Techs ( Originally from Nickelodeon )
5. NBC's House M.D.
6. Fresh TV's Stoked ( You know, the same animated company that brought you 6teen and the popular Total Drama series? Yep, that's the ONE!! )
7. Warner Bros' Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

NOTE: If you don't have Discord in order to Role Play.. we can shoot emails on here to each other with our parts. Just note, that I might not get to you in time. ( I am sometimes busy in real life, so that's mainly why. )

My Other Social Media accounts besides the ones I've mentioned:

DeviantArt - Carla-Lockwood-Shane
Instagram - jacqueline-k-draws ( All lowercase and exactly how you see it )
Discord - jacqueline-k-draws#2478

My personal Email ( In case you don't want to use this site in particular, or any of the other Social Media accounts I mentioned )

Rave Reviews

So! I started a role play with this lady yesterday, I believe? Or the day before. Since then we’ve engaged in a role play. She is very kind! Chock full of compliments, you are sure to get one! Very quick responses! She’s very adaptable to length, and the way she writes gives you a good feel of what her character is doing or feeling, just very detailed and an all around delight. A+! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Rattlesnake

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