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Heya, I’ve been RPing for close to 10 years now. So I’ve seen some of the best and worst when it comes to RP. I just want to have a good time, and get to know people who want to develop enticing and fun storylines together. I don’t have much in terms of rules except for a few.

1. No rushing, I work a job and go to school so I’ll get to your replies when I can
2. No drama of any kind, I’m not opposed to people ranting or someone needing a ear when problems arise, but needless spreading of negativity is unwelcome and should be moved somewhere else
3. No Mutes, don’t waste my time with numbers I only wanna know people that want to RP
4. Paragraph is my minimum, anything less doesn’t interest me. Detail is key.
5. I’m open to basically any and all types of RP just ask

More to come

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