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Hi, I'm Petro. I live in a truck, have no consistent schedule, and tend to disappear for days at a time. I write posts that are far longer than necessary but don't require the same from my partners. My characters consist almost exclusively of suave old guys and awkward young women, because these are my spirit animals. I'm mostly known for writing sci-fi but have more recently branching out into other genres. My content generally tends to flop back and forth between the absurdly comical and the dreadfully grim, with a strong focus on internal character exposition and enviromental ambience. I love everything from intense action and adventure, to sappy, intimate slice-of-life moments, to dramatic, emotionally-charged encounters to quirky, mismatched shenanigans. All across the board from utterly adorable to gut-wrenchingly horrific. I'm perfectly comfortable with mature content of any kind, and my posts are invariably peppered with casual profanity. (Ideally, you’ll read all my posts with the internal voice and diction of Jefferson Mays. Or, alternately, George Guidall. But I digress.) I like pairing characters that are unlikely to get along. A little friction helps things move along and opens up a lot of potential for character development. I love enthusing and plotting with my partners, hyping up the RP as it moves along. If our characters end up with particularly good chemistry (Positive or negative) I'll almost certainly end up doing art of them. I believe that every writer who loves their characters as much as I love mine deserves to have their vision shared tangibly with the world.

Oh, and all my memes are so outdated it hurts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Character Scaling?
I scale the extent of my characters' abilities to suit the scenario they appear in, essentially making them adaptable to all genres and time periods.

They're only as powerful/skilled/knowledgeable/strange/fantastical/etc. as they need to be to keep the story interesting. What they're capable of is always constrained by the overall pace and atmosphere of any given RP, and relative to the other characters around them.

For example: Mysterious Space Girl is described as being 'extremely powerful'.

In a high-octane space-opera on the scale of worlds and galaxies with armadas and armies, 'extremely powerful' may mean the ability to make whole planets disappear, or change the tides of intergalactic machinations.

Whereas in a story where she appears in a mundane Earth town and befriends/becomes the responsibility of an average highschool student, 'extremely powerful' may mean something more along the lines of telekinesis, psychic abilities, or even just inhuman reflexes.

This applies to all my characters.

TLDR: If my chracter seems too 'over-the-top' for any given pairing or scenario, the can very easily be dialed back to suit our needs. Myself and my characters are extremely adaptable and I'm more than happy to discuss the possibilities.

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You don't have to inform me if you want to quit an RP.

Most people I know don't just decide ”I'm done with this” when a story starts to go stale or their muse wanders off. Life getting in the way isn't an on/off switch, so our story shouldn't be either.

I don't mind waiting weeks or months for a post that may or may not ever come. Just give me a heads-up if you're thinking about stepping back from an RP, and we're golden. You don't have to commit absolutely one way or the other. I won't be offended if I see you being active somewhere else. You don't have to hide from me. Later, if you decide you want to pick up on an old thing or start something new, I'll be more than happy to oblige.

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You delinquent.

Rave Reviews

Wow, where to begin?!
Petrovalyc is an amazing RPer, and whenever I see he's responded, I do a happy dance. (Mentally of course XD) He writes PARAGRAPHS!!! All of his reply are very well written and I can tell he puts a lot of thought into them. I LOVE the RP I'm doing with him now, and I'm sure if you give it a try, you will to! :) - booksarebae
He runs the first group I ever joined here on RPR. Although I haven't really spoken too much to him, he is very easy to talk to. And reading his ealier posts in the group is thoroughly entertaining too! I can remember looking around when I first got here and finally worked up the nerve to send that PM to him. I'm glad I did though! He's got ideas that are interesting, and talking OOC is easy too. The posts he puts out are detailed, and a ton of effort goes into it. I recommend RP'ing with him! - UrbanLady

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