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Hi, I'm Petro. I live in a truck, have no consistent schedule, and tend to disappear for days at a time. I write posts that are far longer than necessary but don't require the same from my partners. My characters consist almost exclusively of suave old guys and awkward young women, because these are my spirit animals. I'm mostly known for writing sci-fi but have more recently branching out into all genres. I like pairing characters that are unlikely to get along.

Oh, and all my memes are so outdated it hurts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Goodness how do I start,,,I...LOVE this guy, I love his writing, and I’m always excited waiting for a response! :D definatly 100% recommendation to anyone. Very detailed responses, and an excellent artist!! - RikuNanase
He runs the first group I ever joined here on RPR. Although I haven't really spoken too much to him, he is very easy to talk to. And reading his ealier posts in the group is thoroughly entertaining too! I can remember looking around when I first got here and finally worked up the nerve to send that PM to him. I'm glad I did though! He's got ideas that are interesting, and talking OOC is easy too. The posts he puts out are detailed, and a ton of effort goes into it. I recommend RP'ing with him! - UrbanLady

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