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You ever just feel like dirt?

Funny thing about that.

Everyone does.

And internet communication, restricted to text, is simply insufficient to express that fact properly. There's only so much formatting and nuance you can shove into simple text to properly express yourself. You have to be blunt, and direct, and unambiguous, or else what you're feeling or trying to convey just gets lost somewhere between the tips of your fingers and the eyes of the friends your trying not to lose. Sometimes it gets lost regardless. But everyone feels like dirt.

So what do you do when you don't have anything to say? What do you do when you feel like everything that comes out of your mouth is drivel that nobody wants to hear? What do you do when insecurities and anxieties smother you to the point of reclusive silence? What do you do when you care about someone too much to burden them with your own stupidity and constant problems?

You do nothing. You say nothing. You back off. You wait. You try to distract yourself from the problems that keep you awake at night. You try not to think about all the harm you're causing to others with your own social ineptitude. You have nothing worth saying to someone, so you say nothing.

And the longer it goes on, the more shit starts to build up and grow out of control in the place between your stupid fingers and your friend's stupid eyes. Because we're all stupid, we're all dirt, and we're all stuck behind stupid keyboards and stupid jobs and stupid lives.

Don't sit there reading this shit and act like you don't do it too. We all do it. Every goddamn one of us does it. If you're feeling neglected, there's a surefire chance that you're making someone else feel neglected too. If you have a problem with someone, they might not even know it. Because none of us do this shit on purpose. We're all just antisocial morons trying to keep friends over the internet because people in real life won't tolerate any of our shit.

So do me a favor, okay? Next time you have a problem with someone,


Because who knows? Maybe you'll actually solve the goddamn problem instead of making someone else feel like dirt.

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I finally built up the courage to make some of my recordings public. It's far from professional and there are tons of sour notes, but if you'd like to listen to some of it I would really appreciate some positive feedback. I'm sort of insecure about this stuff, pls help ;A;

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I don't usually talk about myself too much because I'm not very interesting, and I'm not sure what to say, but here's a few things that matter.

I'm a truck driver!
Every daySometimes I like to pretend it's a spaceship. I used to do long-haul, over-the-road, but more recently I've been working Monday through Friday. Unfortunately, this new schedule is extremely taxing and it has had a rather severe impact on my RPing as a whole. My replies have become shorter and in my opinion not quite as great as they used to be. I also don't the chance to doodle as much anymore, meaning that while I love to draw pictures for my friends, they're probably going to take a long time to finish.

As a rule, I won't be around on weekends except for OOC chat due to other obligations. One of which may or may not be getting my ass kicked in Overwatch on ps4. pls add me i have no friends- I'm also not usually able to write much on Mondays either. During the week, my schedule is highly erratic and so you may get replies at any given hour of the day.

I can usually reply to chats in timely manner, but due to time constraints and needing to sleep I might suddenly stop replying for a few hours at a time with little to no warning. Conversely, sometimes it takes them an excessively long time to unload my trailer, so I may be on for several hours at a time. I can usually give you an estimate as to when I'll be around on a 12-or-so-hour basis because that's the farthest in advance that I usually know what my schedule is going to be.

If I've gone a while without replying to an RP, it's most likely just because I thought I already posted, or just forgot it was my turn. And yeah, sometimes a post will take longer if I'm lacking inspiration because that's how creativity works. But don't worry - I do not ghost people. If I have issues with our RP I will voice them, because my partner deserves to know if I'm feeling like I need to take a break from an RP. I expect you to do the same. I will never be offended by someone telling me if they need to step back from an RP, no matter what their reason is. I just want to know.

That said, don't be afraid to give me a poke if I take too long. I'm not offended by people being eager to proceed with our RPs, either! Actually I'm not offended by much, come to think of it

Oh, and do feel free to spam me with unsolicited PMs. Seriously.

Regarding The Galaxy Wide
I'll keep this short. I am currently not an active member of TGW and at this time I have no intentions of returning. Noncommital members, sudden drop-outs, and general lack of interest across the board have made managing TGW more stresful than it's worth. With myself and all the supporting writers inactive, the main storyline as described in the first post has come to a halt and there's no reason to think it will get rolling again. That said, TGW was founded on the principle of freedom of choice, and therefore I'm not 'closing' the topic. If you're still interested in joining TGW, feel free to contact Churchtuary, who has become the de facto 'administrator' in my absense.

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You delinquent.


Rave Reviews

Petro worries about his post length. I adore his post length. I adore his detail. I adore his characterizations. I adore that he has original art for his characters and his side characters. I adore his use of the BBCode to really add texture and extra layers to his posts. He genuinely inspires me to do more, type more, learn about the code more so that I can offer to others the sort of multifaceted responses that he gives to me. You rock, Petro. You keep driving that truck! - Dndmama
Enthusing over roleplay and casual chats can be just as fun with this guy as actually roleplaying with him. He's fun and creative and cooperative, and just overall your ideal roleplayer even though replies may take days or weeks, because time has little to do with the amount of fun one can have when one's emotionally invested.

I look forward to seeing what space adventures might unfold. - Spook

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