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  • Age: 25
  • Birthday: January 13




I finally built up the courage to make some of my recordings public. It's far from professional, but if you'd like to listen to some of it I would really appreciate some positive feedback. I'm sort of insecure about this stuff ;A;

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I don't usually talk about myself too much because I'm not very interesting, but here's a few things that matter.

I'm a long-haul truck driver! Sometimes I like to pretend it's a spaceship.
-That means my schedule is pretty erratic. Replies may come multiple in a day or one every few days, and they may come at weird hours.
-I'll take the little breaks between shipping, delivery, dispatch and so on to check my OOC stuff on my phone, so if you get a stunted message full of typos it's because I had to get moving. I won't do actual posts that way though.
-I have a bad habit of getting myself into more RPs than I can efficiently handle. I try to keep them organized, but some still tend to get nudged down the line and forgotten about - might have thought I replied already, or so on. Given my limited time and overabundance of replies to make, I'll usually prioritize them by who seems to be the most excited about the next post. That means if you're eager to get a reply, don't be afraid to give me a poke. It'll put that RP to the top of the list, and if nothing else will get a response as to when I might get the chance to next post.

I'm more friendly than I may at times appear to be. Really!

-I do curse a lot, both OOC and IC. It's almost a job requirement. If my language offends you...Well, frankly I think that's silly, but I can try to curb it if it's that important to you.

-I like to draw pictures for my friends! All characters deserve original art, I say. They might not be the best doodles, but I do like to try and get them looking as their creator imagines them - so don't be afraid to suggest changes if they don't come out looking like they're supposed to in your head! I won't be offended.

-Also, it makes me feel really good when people put what I draw for them on their profiles.
So if you get a drawing from me, assume by default that you can use it in whatever way you like!

-The lifestyle of an OTR truck driver can get pretty lonely sometimes. So, y'know. Feel free to send messages and chat or whatever. It might take me a while to respond sometimes, but any interaction is much appreciated.

-I tend to write very long, wordy posts. Please do not let this fact affect how you interact with me. I do NOT have any 'required post length', nor do I expect my RP partners to match my post length. Obviously I have standards just like anyone else, but to me, post length does not equal post quality. I am just as happy to receive short responses as long ones.
-And for th sake of all that is good, do not be intimidated by my writing! I'm begging you. I have had many great RPs with great writers stall and fizzle bcause my partner got it in their head that their posts weren't good enough for me. If this sounds like some kind of twisted gloating, it's not. It's depressing. It happens constantly. It breaks my heart when I can't convince someone that I enjoy reading their posts, just because my own posts tend to be longer.

If I am RPing with you, it means I am satisfied with your writing. If I don't enjoy reading your posts for some reason, I'll end th RP. Until then, please don't worry about post length!

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You delinquent.


Rave Reviews

  • He runs the first group I ever joined here on RPR. Although I haven't really spoken too much to him, he is very easy to talk to. And reading his ealier posts in the group is thoroughly entertaining too! I can remember looking around when I first got here and finally...
    -- UrbanLady
  • Enthusing over roleplay and casual chats can be just as fun with this guy as actually roleplaying with him. He's fun and creative and cooperative, and just overall your ideal roleplayer even though replies may take days or weeks, because time has little to do with...
    -- Spook

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