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Heyo! im just your average person i guess so yea im going to be giving a little bit of info about myelf so everyone can get to know me!

Im a 15 year old

my favorite colors are purple , blue , and a more redish purple. I love animals and some of my OC's will be part animals because i think they are adorable uwu

My hobies include: Art, Reading , singing , a few sports , and ofc roleplay

I started roleplay because a friend of mine introduced me to it , after a few weeks i started gaining several skills and learned from other roleplayers , i adapt my roleplay style based on who i roleplay with and im open to a ton of different types of roleplay.

my favorite themes are mythical , mystery , heros+villians , kingdom , school , or just everyday life.

I hope you injoyed my little introduction and if you want to learn more about me please feel free to ask!

have a great day bai~

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Smart smol bean, and very kind and polite. His vibe resonates with that of RpR and he's fun to run across on the forums. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Abigail_Austin

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