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COCONUT || HE/HIM || 20 || 18+ ONLY

pls whisper me before friending me

i got a lotta names, specifically coconut, corvidae, niall, and dexter. in some cases i just go by character names, it doesn't really matter to me. uhh i do art, mostly character designs, almost every piece of art on my characters profiles are made by me unless specified otherwise.

none of my characters are minors. characters with ages listed as late teens means they are 18 or 19. every other source that says otherwise is outdated and i'm too tired to go change it. on that note i also refuse to roleplay with underage characters.

hi, don't bother dming me for roleplays if you use uncredited art that isn't yours or real people as characters. and no, 'credit to the artist' isn't credit, you're just a bad person lol.

slightly important health-related things

crippling social anxiety — i am really bad at not sounding aggressive sometimes, i promise i'm not trying to be i'm just really vulgar. i struggle to talk to people. don't be afraid to message me first, i'd appreciate it tbh.

chronic dummy — i'm super mentally ill, specifically though i have adhd and did and these both make it extremely difficult to keep track of things, especially time. so basically if i'm not replying, please feel free to poke me, i promise i'm not trying to ghost anyone i just have poor tracking skills.

narcoleptic — some days i'm just utterly gone and in a coma lol.

garbage immune system — i get ill fairly often but i try my best to reply, even while sick in bed. worst case scenario if i suddenly go missing without a word, please assume i'm in the hospital again and i will return soon asap.

WARNING: all my characters feature a myriad of unhealthy content. i do not put any spoilers. each character has individual warnings and you're welcome to message me if you feel i should add any other warnings. do not use my works to harm yourself.

roleplay information


grammar — despite everything on my profiles being lowercase, i do roleplay with proper capitalization and grammar. i do this because my english isn't good and this makes it easier for me to just spit out information quickly, otherwise i'd be over-analyzing the importance of one word i capitalized by accident.

style — third person perspective, paragraph roleplay heavily preferred. dice preferred in combat but not necessary. character sheets and other dice usage depends on my partner's preferences. i average a few paragraphs for replies, usually adjust reply lengths depending on the scene or my partner's preferences.

setting — i love anything fantasy with a preference for dnd in particular. though willing to bend my characters around to make them work into just about any specific setting. kinda picky about canon settings, look at my current favourites.

queer friendly — i am queer, my characters are queer, i'm more than happy to roleplay with others' queer characters too. polyamorous ships with my characters are also welcome.

characters =/= creators — i am not my characters, i do not share their beliefs or condone their actions. i'm not going to erase an entire character's dominate trait or backstory because you, personally, are uncomfortable with it.

unfun characters — powergaming, metagaming, godmodding, mary sues/gary stus, child characters, whatever else.

adults only — i am an adult who will only roleplay with other adults. i'm not scared off by someone else's age as long as they are above the age of 18. if you don't at least have that you're an adult on your profile, i'm blocking you.

dark themes — completely welcome, i think i enjoy these roleplays more but i'd appreciate if they were discussed beforehand so i know what i'm getting into. the only trigger i have is anything to do with pregnancy. brief mentions of pregnancy in character are okay, otherwise i want to avoid the topic entirely.

globophobia — i have a crippling fear of balloons. i'd prefer to avoid mentions or descriptions of balloons or balloon-like qualities entirely. ic and ooc.

please communicate with me — i'm okay with writing out details or fading to black when it comes to sexuality or violence and gore in roleplay, but i'd like to discuss what is and isn't okay if things go in an nsfw direction.

i'm not fond of being ghosted — i'll give people up to a week or two to communicate with me, otherwise i'm just going to move on.

if there's anything else you don't see in this list, feel free to whisper me. none of what's currently on here is negotiable. i may be anxious, but i'm not a damn doormat.

some current favourites

from most interested in to least interested in, but don't let that fool you. even the bottom of the list is stuff i really enjoy.

dungeons and dragons ♡
breath of the wild
scp foundation
dragon age
league of legends
twilight princess
majora's mask
studio ghibli
ocarina of time
the wind waker
love, death & robots
game of thrones but only the first five seasons

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