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active, just slow, whisper-friendly

proud warlock, freak artist, local weird little creature. my characters are fairly vague as to be able to shove them into already existing settings if need be, otherwise there's a lot more to learn in character than i put on their profiles.

private roleplay only, i'm really shy about writing. i'd prefer to keep roleplays on rpr, the only other option i'm open to is discord. i roleplay with proper grammar, the lowercase is just to make my life easier as someone who struggles with english.

i am unlikely to answer messages that only say hi or hey, that gives me nothing but bad anxiety, be direct please. i'm more comfortable around older people. i can't believe i have to say this but don't baby me. don't infantilize me or be a "mom friend" or "therapist" to me. just don't pry into my personal life. i'm here to roleplay.

health information

between a myriad of health issues and recovering from a recent surgery that didn't particularly go well, i'm at risk of disappearing at complete random, even in the middle of conversations. my immune system is poor and i'm struggling during covid, please be mindful of this.

i don't like ghosting and i try not to do it, but i'm a bit scatterbrained these days and lose track of things a lot. don't ever feel like you're bothering me, poking me for replies is completely fine.

important: i'm epileptic and if you send me flashing imagery, i'll maul you without remorse.

CONTENT WARNING: my characters feature a range of disturbing content. roleplaying is my writing therapy. free to ask me to add additional warnings if you feel i've missed something. also i swear a lot.

20+ players / 18+ characters
high fantasy / dnd
third person perspective
dark / taboo themes
queer friendly
anthro / furry friendly
asking for my discord
underage players / characters
plotless sex
fetish roleplays
ooc drama / gossip
unprompted group invites
unprompted starters
stolen art or images
bigoted character designs
ghosting / back-burning
bathroom stuff
dungeons and dragons
breath of the wild
dragon age
the witcher
twilight princess
assassin's creed
majora's mask
adventure time
league of legends
studio ghibli
ocarina of time
the wind waker
a song of ice and fire
scp foundation
over the garden wall
most horror games

come closer, i bite like a rabid animal for fun.

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