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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 31
  • Birthday: September 05

. . .Just a crazy Canuck looking to live out wonderful, amazing, and magical adventures vicariously through her characters. . .

Status: May 21st, I work my last shift at one job today and go full time at my other job on Monday. I'm officially, finally down to one job :) and I am going to be getting back into rps again now that I have an easy (ish) job with an incredibly predictable schedule I hope to devote a few evenings a week to writing and role play. I've been sitting on a few character and story ideas for months now and am looking forward to putting some thought into them now that I have time.

I am not actively searching for new games yet but I would like to get out of my bubble of comfort and meet new writers

. . .Just a few noteworthy things . . .

First. . .
Please be advised I don't accept random friendship requests, sorry! It's nothing personal and don't take that as me being unfriendly, or think that I don't want to know you or be friends with. It's just that I prefer knowing the people on my list. Send me a pm and let's talk for a while or interact with me a but before sending that request, please.

Second. . .
Right now I am a very slow responder (partly due to a fickle muse, partly due to time constrictions, and a small part is my poor mental health) honestly, sometimes it can take me a week or more to reply to a game. However I really try to keep it 3 days or less. Please, please do not bug me for a reply to a role-play.

Thrid. . .
I am can be forgetful and quite horrible for keeping on top of ooc conversations in my inbox. If I haven't replied it's because I read it but didn't have a chance to reply at the time, and it has slipped mind. I am so sorry about that! Don't be afraid to nudge me a little, not to contradict what I have previously stated but I don't mind friendly little nudges when comes to ooc PMs, I am horribly forgetful . . .

Rave Reviews

  • My oldest friend, I've known Pineapple long enough that I've gotten to vicariously witness her son growing up, and I know without a doubt that she is a excellent mother. It's my fortune that she brought that same loving and nurturing with her into a friendship that...
    -- JayBird
  • Pineapple is my oldest friend. Freshly hatched into RPR, I answered an ad for an RP she had placed, and from that nervous risk I have gained one of my very best friends. As a writer, she is incredible, with excellent knowledge and a way with words that never fails to...
    -- JayBird

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    "When Jay replied to my LFRP thread 7 years ago I had no idea I was meeting someone who would become one of my best friends and favorite people. Jay is so many things, I honestly couldn't cover it in one kudos. He is funny, thoughtful, caring person with a brilliantly creative mind. Together we have crafted numerous stories and created so much life that sometimes I'm left in awe when I think of it all. To sum it up as best I can; Jay is a top-notch creator, writer but above all, an amazing friend"
    (About 1 week and 6 days ago)