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[Please dont send a random friend request. If I dont know you or we havent spoken before, I am not going to accept it.

Please don't bug me for replies. I will get to them when I can. Some days I only feel like posting in forums or answering certain messages. Wait at least two days to message me to see what's up.]




I will try to make this short and sweet.

First and foremost, I am a mother of three children, in a relationship, and I work. With that being said, I have a busy life. So patience with me is required when it comes to roleplay but I do try to reply at least once a day. If I can reply more then I will. I will add that I do roleplay on discord too and have multiple roleplays going on at once so I cannot stress enough the importance of having patience with me 😅

I've been roleplaying since I was 13 so I have a lot of experience under my belt. I'm very open minded so I have done a little bit of everything (slice of life, slavery in all eras, T1-T3 fights, romance, taboo, etc). Nearly all of my roleplays involve drama and some type of trauma. Drama, action and romance are my absolute favorites so my characters and stories tend to focus around that.

I came from another roleplay site (RPG) a couple of years ago when the owner decided to shut down the site. My main character, who everyone used to know me as, has officially been placed on discord. I have the link listed for that server. Her world is too big for RPR since I have no desire to make a group or bring all of the characters associated with it here.

Up until recently, all of my characters were anonymous. I did this at first because enemies I made from the previous site followed me here. Since I didn't know who they were anymore I kept everything anonymous. Another reason was because I have bad luck with people not wanting to do multiple roleplays with me (but it's okay if I'm anonymous 🙄). Then there were those people who dropped my stories when they found out I have a life (kids and relationship). Well, I don't care anymore so it's all out there for the world to see now! 😂

Chatting with me is more than welcomed! I love making friends (Warning! I use emojis like crazy!). All I ask is that you're respectful because I will be.

If you want to roleplay then just ask! More than likely I will already have a character to fit your needs or one in the making (I have... several characters in the process of being created). If you are ever curious enough to see what I have I will gladly send you a link with all of my finished characters. All you need to do is ask. On another note, if you like multiple characters I absolutely do not mind doing more than one roleplay with the same writer. If our writing styles mesh well then I prefer to do another story or two with you. (Currently I have 3 with one person and 2 with another and they're all my top roleplays.)

Anywho! Enough rambling!

Fun Facts!

💜 Favorite color is pink (if you havent noticed).

💜 I love kpop, pop, techno, dubstep.

💜 I have anxiety. Sometimes I cant handle people and need time away.

💜 I love to cook, bake, make chocolates.

💜 I want to go to culinary school.

💜 Fried chicken (or any chicken) is my favorite.

💜 I'm very open minded and I try not to be judgemental but I will NOT tolerate any hate (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc).

💜 I hate teaching people how to do things because I am horrible at explaining.

💜 I'm stubborn as hell. Hence the name being Brat.

💜 I dont like to read. It's hard to keep my attention for longer than a few minutes. Which is why I dont like novella rp.

💜 I love road trips.

💜 I'm OBSESSED with Sailor Moon, Spongebob and MLP. (Vegeta too. He's my bae 😍)

💜 I have this weird thing where I can watch or hear something and get a really random roleplay idea. (Ex: I watched a video of a girl talking to a robot and it made me think of a girl magically creating clones of herself to live through.)

💜 ASMR is life. My favorite is eating and cooking ASMR (especially when it comes to steak 🤤).

Autumn's Playhouse

Autumn's Playhouse is an 18+ Roleplay Server. What started out as your every day modern world, quickly turned into hell. A portal mysteriously appeared which let in numerous demons. In a year's time one portal turned in to many. Humans are now forced to live among demons and a variety of monstrous beings as normally as they can.

Through all of this, a young girl opened a business which flourished due to it's illegal activities and ability to attract nonhumans.

(Server is dead and I'm too lazy to bring it back to life 😅)


Just ask for it if you plan on chatting more often.

Music Box


Character Related


Roleplay Info


💜 I only do para+ replies and want the same from my partners. I prefer 2+. I write 2-4 on average.

💜 I only roleplay in third person and will only accept third person replies.

💜 I am ghost friendly, meaning it's alright if you ghost me. I am also capable of doing the same (refer back to my anxiety. I'm a poor communicator of my feelings.)

💜 I'm a sucker for some cliches

💜 I love romance, action/violence, and drama the most as well as many dark themes.

💜 I'm very flexible when it comes to stories but I will not roleplay sci-fi, futuristic, and canon settings. I have done it before and hated every minute of it. (I will play certain animes but those are very rare and hard to enjoy still.)

💜 I love adding random things in a story to keep the roleplay interesting. I have very few limits and prefer to discuss bigger ideas (like a kidnapping, for example) before they're played out.

💜 I am all for group rps or either of us playing as multiple characters in the story. I mean other than playing as an NPC.

💜 I do not want to create a character for anyone. If we are doing a story and I think it is acceptable or needed, then I will do it. But I don't like people approaching me who want me to make a wife, mother, or someone for their world. I don't feel comfortable with that.

💜 My favorite character types are bad boys, villains, dominants, and arrogant type males.

💜 I will roleplay with anyone regardless of gender and age provided that you are at least an adult IRL.

💜 I will roleplay with any character except ones from the genres that I do not like. I am more than okay with children but, sadly, most stories for them are too dull for me. I need action and drama. Not cutesy adoption things unless it is a group roleplay.

💜 I will mention that while I will play with female characters, I do find those stories to be dull as well when I am playing most of my females. For some reason they dont mesh well in my opinion. But i am always willing to try!

💜 Random/Surprise starters are a no for me. Very, very, very few of them I'm willing to accept. It's usually because said scenes are too out of character for me, even when doing a one off scene.

💜 I dont like one off scenes very much unless it's something I've been wanting to do or it's something I've been wanting to try.

💜 I love long term roleplays with character and story building. If you have to work toward something, I'm all for it.

💜 I do not fade to black unless it gets repetitive or is needed to push the story along.

💜 I know all of my characters are public now but that doesn't mean I wont accept more than one story from the same writer.

💜 I do have an F-list of all kinks I am willing to do. You only need to ask for it.

Discord RP

Avlister - Final Fantasy


A fun, casual, NSFW Final Fantasy RP. All writing styles are accepted. ONLY Final Fantasy characters are accepted! Fade to black is also doable for those that feel uncomfortable with mature scenes.


Rave Reviews

An amazing writer with seemingly hundreds of characters. Her ideas are wild and insane but great nonetheless. Very easy to talk to and very friendly; we've built a great rapport. If you have an idea, she likely has a character to fit that or will even go out of her way to make one. Overall, terrific! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Haida

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