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Formerly known as Rynh. May that name never haunt me again.

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My name's Dylan. And because I like my name so much, here it is again in Kana and Kanji
Kana ディラン
Kanji 出伊 嵐
Thanks, Highjinx, you rock!

But wait, there's more! HibariHaru also translated my name. Many thanks!

I do stuff sometimes. But not all the times. That's just nuts!


A little more about myself, because I am an extremely interesting individual you should take serious at all times. All the times. I can't stress enough how you must take me serious always.

I live in Belgium, land of weird politics, beer, waffles and strangely enough the statue of a tiny lad having a wee. Belgium is weird. No wonder I'm so messed up!

I've been out of school for a while now, living my life as a customs officer at the harbour. My hours are pretty irregular, so I may not always be around at the same time, for which my apologies.

Besides working I like touring around Belgium's many festivals and spend all my money on overpriced beers and loud music just for the hell of it. Life is good! Oh, and I roleplay as well. But you figured that part out on your own, didn't you?

Due to my absence I've been playing a lot of tabletops, and they have become my favourite way of roleplaying. Talk to me about D&D, Ironclaw, Shadowrun, or any other system for that matter. I can keep up.

Things I love:

- Things
- The economy like it was in the 1960's
- Heavy metal, folk metal to be specific
- Pirates, because ninjas don't have cannons nor parrots
- Chivalry, the medieval kind
- History
- Beer
- Ale
- Storms
- Alestorm
- Snow
- Violins
- Friendship that isn't magic
- You


I also have Skype. Because I use that stuff. Go look up Dylan Sleebus and you'll find me, as well as my bank security code.


My oh my, I have a lot of characters, don't I? Well I'm sure you're not interested in clicking on every portait to find out what they are about. Therefore I'll give you a short synopsis of each one. That ought to save you some time. If you find yourself interested in one all you need to do is click their profile for more detail.
Short descriptions


Aearion is a Merman bard who travels the lands in order to compose the ultimate songs that people will sing for generations to come! He's a generally nice and exotically charismatic man with a pacifistic mindset, always eager to learn of new cultures

::Medieval fantasy settings only::.

Alfie Goodpepper

Once Alfie was a simple pepper farmer living on his family's land. But once it was revealed he had dragonic blood running through his veins, the young lad decided to travel the world, trying to uncover the history of his family and do some good with his newfound powers. Alfie is a curious, friendly but skittish soul, who sometimes tries too hard to please everyone.

::Medieval & D&D settings only::

Azran Soln

Azran is a Twi'Lek with an attitude. This mercenary scours the universe in search for his big payday that will allow him to retire early. Though he appears like a devious, uncaring adrenaline junkie, deep inside his chest beats a heart that can be kind if he wants to be.

::Star Wars settings only::

Bender Of Iron Will

Bender Of Iron Will is the captain of The Moneymaker and Zephyr's Bane. Having lived a full and eventful life, Bender has come to an age where a man starts to think (and regret) his decisions. The old man is a drunk, aggressive and a liar, but if one manages to get on his good side, Bender is an invaluable ally and an even better friend.

::Medieval fantasy, D&D & Steampunk settings only::


Bliksem, his real name unknown, is an Orc Decker living in secrecy. Little is known about him, except for the fact he's born somewhere in Belgium, has a love for old age techno music, and is a lone Shadowrunner. He works only for those he's sure that they'll be able to keep his identity a secret. Bliksem is a calculated professional with a moral compass right in the middle.

::Futuristic & Shadowrun settings only::

Crystal Hail

Crystal Hail is a Moon Elf who has come from the Feywild into this plain of reality. Upon visiting she has gone through a very traumatic event that has caused this once very open woman to become sheltered, easily angered and downright frightened of others. She has become vengeful, but not heartless. As she is capable of cruelty she is also capable of respecting another and even helping out others, anonymously, of course. She has a reputation to uphold.

::Medieval fantasy & D&D settings only::

Dennis Kayne

Dennis was once a Brotherhood of Steel Knight stationed at the Mojave desert near New Vegas. Dennis is not a subtle man. Because he wished to give a good reputation to the Brotherhood by helping out others, Dennis was banned from the bunker he once called home. Feeling betrayed, the once optimistic young man became easily angered by others. To survive he offers himself as a mercenary or mechanic for hire.

::Post-apocalyptic and Fallout settings only::

Eric Fell

Eric Fell was once a friendly, well regarded doctor and a family man in a rural town in America. But when the world ends, and your old life is taken from you, well, that changes you. Eric is no longer your friendly neighbourhood doctor. He is a man trying to hold on to his humanity while also looking out for himself. He is very much conflicted about his actions and decisions. It weighs down on him, yet he's hardy enough to survive.

::Post apocalyptic & zombie apocalypse settings only::

Galgahar of Cormack

Galgahar is a mean-spirited Chromatic Dwarf of the Rutilan variety, which are also known as Fire Dwarves. Galgahar is bad to the bone, as he is very self-centered and falls in the trap many wizards fall in; getting power hungry. Galgahar would do anything for more power and cares little who he has to hurt or hire. For a bulky and rather big bellied Dwarf, the wizard can be quite charming if he wants to be, but in the end he merely uses others to his own needs.

::Medieval fantasy only::

Gar briel

Gar of Clan Briel is a Hobgoblin Cleric spreading the word of Nomog-Geaya, the lesser God of War. For a thin, sickly looking Goblinoid, Gar is very persuasive and not above brainwashing. He believes that in order to keep his people strong, they need to challenge themselves through war and combat. He seeks to unify the world through conquest, and preaches the law of his God to all Hobgoblins he comes by. Gar is not the most pleasant to look at, but is surprisingly persuasive and can be good company if he wants to be.

::Medieval fantasy & D&D settings only::

GE-NEX Carolus 2

Carolus is a droid made by the GE-NEX company in the far-away future. They were the first War-Droids to be sold to the common man, capable of doing such tasks as cleaning or guarding property. But the newest prototype, GE-NEX Carolus 2 hides a dark secret. The newest edition being sold to the common man is a droid meant for waging war. These units are extremely dangerous, but if handled by a mechanic, they might just make the best ally you could want in a tense situation.

::Futuristic settings only::

Johannes Vallaine

Johannes, Johan for his friends, is a noble knight of the Frog variety hailing from Bisclavret, journeying the world to bring honour to the Vallaine name. He's a gentleman, always seeking for an opportunity to do some good, though he is also quite vain and seeks to be in the spotlight whenever possible.

::Ironclaw only::

Kire Blackwater

Kire is a Serra, a primitive race of elves with very feline features. Serra form bonds with Gryffon like creatures known as Kyrka. Kire herself has bonded with one of these creatures and hopes that her own hunting and fishing experience will help grow the young Kyrka into a fine steed for her to protect Kala Ree with.

::Kala Ree only::

Myron of the Golden Spark

Myron is a quirky Djala turned Solar in the world of Creation. As a former slave he has learned to work technology, which he now uses to aid the Solars in their quest for rebirth. Myron is a funny young man and very social, always on the lookout for more friends. Together with his monkey, Borris, they make for an amusing pair to be around.

::Exalted settings only::

Nicolaus Ykspet

Nicolaus is a paraplegic vampire with Finnish roots residing in L.A. Being of the Malkavian Clan, Nicolaus is cursed with insanity. He believes that the end is coming in a different way than predicted. Behind the scenes he attempts to protect his Kindred Brethren by working in the shadows, killing those he deems dangerous and recruiting those he deems useful. He's a very shadowy man with a very secretive attitude.

::World Of Darkness settings only::


Niveryioth is an ancient hooved dragon with an affinity towards the cold. As a dragon, Niveryioth is very narcissistic and always on the lookout for followers and treasure to add to his dragon horde. Legends speak of a castle made out of ice where Niveryioth sleeps among his horde. Mere mortals are seen as playthings by this dragon and he gladly lures adventurers into his own deadly games.

::medieval fantasy only::

Rougart Bo'rrador

Rougart is an old and strong Orcish vampire hunter. Years ago his own tribe had been infiltrated and turned into vampires. After having killed them all, Rougart joined with the Vampire Hunters in order to act his revenge upon all cursed beings. Rougart is very quiet and calm for an Orc. His true nature is only revealed when angered, which is surprisingly difficult to do. He has a sense of honor and wishes to regain that his clan lost so many years ago.

::Medieval fantasy & The Elder Scrolls settings only::

Shannon Callen

Shannon is a young woman, traveling the world to become a pokémon master and legendary guitar player. She focuses on the Steel types and uses her electric guitar to order commands. Shannon is a tough headed, friendly and hardcore girl, always on the lookout for adventure. But as rough as she wants to look, she just can't help herself looking adorable doing it.

:: Pokémon settings only::


Sylass is a Lizardman of the Blackscale clan. At birth he was cursed with the green hide of a Poison Dusk. Though still a Blackscale in strength and heart, Sylass always had to go that extra mile in order to be accepted by his fellows with their black scales. Obsessed with proving his strength, Sylass travels the world as an adventurer in search for that one challenge that would put his name on the map. Sylass is cold, easily angered and values strength above all else. But if you'd prove yourself to him, he would make for a very strong and favourable ally.

::Medieval & Steampunk settings only::

The Half-Castes

The Half-Castes are a group of Half-Races brought together with their questions of their strange herritage. In search for answers, they grouped up in order to rid the world of evil, whether the world wants to or not. The Half-Castes consist of the Half-Elf twins Fin & Fen, the Half-Orc Brie, the Genasi, Jona and the Half-Nymph Mylene. They're an efficient if not strange group of people.

::Medieval fantasy settings only::

Throthgar the Pretty

Throthgar-chan is a super kawaii maid and the best there is! All she wishes to do is work hard so that Master-Senpai might finally notice her. However, this sugoi maid has a secret. She's actually a giant barbaric man with a massive beard that likes punching things that threaten Master-Sama. But sshhhh, that's a secret, no telling!

::Sugoi maid and modern settings only::

Valder Odanar

Valder is a Shield Dwarf coming from the noble house of Odanar down in Ironfang Keep. Coming from a big family, Valder decided a good course of action was to become a knight. Despite keeping up the tenets, Valder is a rather boorish and inappropriate man, despite his good intentions. Rivalling families conspired to dishonourably discharge him, which worked. Now the disgraced knight travels the world, in search for quests that will help him regain his honour so he may go home once more.

::medieval fantasy & D&D only::


Vermin is an assassin trained by the secretive House Thurrani. As a Shifter, he can change parts of his body in those of a Wererat. Having little memory of his life before being taken in by Thurrani, Vermin is a cold, calculating and professional killer, taking pride in his deceit and moral-less tactics. However, even a murderer like he can feel the sting of loneliness. Sometimes he wishes he could lead a normal life.

::medieval fantasy & D&D only::

William Cierega

Cierega is the captain of the spaceship Exarch Invictus, a prototype spaceship that can terraform planets and turn even dead ones into lushious, living and breathing places to live in. Will has a history as an enviromental terrorist, hiding in jungles and using geurilla tactics to preserve planets. Today he is a quiet and efficient man with a very professional attitude. He commands respect and has a natural leader affinity.

::Futuristic settings only::



Avatar - A Statue of the King
Ensiferum - For those about to fight for Metal
Sabaton - Twilight of the Thunder God


Kawaii-desuu Onee-chan~

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Rynh is the Game Master for a D&D group with some of our friends, and let me tell you, he is the coolest GM ever! He always comes up with something crazy for our characters to do, but he can also come up with delightful and surprising things that we never expected. - lyingsmile15
Shannon Callen (played by Pirate)
Shannon is one of my favorite OCs, and not just because she trains Metal Type Pokemon! She's an engaging character who gives a good, jammin' vibe to any rp she is used in! - Copper_Dragon

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