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Birdy (played by Pretty_Bird)
She is so far to me a VERY good roleplayer her character its self is outstanding and her roleplay style is amazing as well!! Hopefully my character has gained an important ally ! - TurokSierra115
Birdy (played by Pretty_Bird)
There is no limit certainly to her depravity. So evil and malicious she even makes a Neutral Evil character pale and lose her sanity. Ailuin was tested and is not done being tested. Birdy can be thanked for making Ailuin the strongest seer for a long time in the Arkaine history of his kind and bloodline. Certainly, his visions will be a cakewalk after her manipulations. Fascinating as all get out. She is certainly a good nemesis for him and will indoubtedly be challenging him with every story. Wonderful writer Fast responses - Michonne

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