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Lets see, what to write!
I wanna first welcome you to my page, I have been around the RP community well over a decade, though often going idle during those times due to IRL predicaments. The numerous individuals that I have come to know and love over the years have given me phenomenal liberation from the anarchy that is known as adulting. Diving into the world of fantasy and make believe with parts of my being known by my characters.

Over the more recent events I have connected with others that I strongly feel like they are my family. Helping through tough times when the world as a grand scale needs more compassion than hatred.

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Rave Reviews

She had been wanting to roleplay with me for so long...and we kept missing for reasons.

But I can say forever I am grateful that we finally connected. Because that connection has became such a lightning strike between us as writers. I adore EVERY story, EVERY plot. EVERY roleplay. Because it is so well in deep thought of detail, action and DEEPER emotional with reality splashed in perfectly in my mind.

Thank you Birdy, you've been a rekindling flame to me as well.. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Michonne
Perhaps the first person I've been eagerly waiting years for a interaction and finally recieved it. And the sheer fact that she thinks ME the better roleplayer CRACKS me up. Because she's just as good and just as creative and in depth with her posts and thoughts. Can't say enough about her other then...if you haven't gotten a chance yet? Dig. In. Wonderful writer Fast responses - Michonne

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