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Welcome to my Wonderland~
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Icon is Beidou from Genshin Impact. Not my art.
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Hey hey, I'm Lumi, a female hobbyist artist and semi-literate roleplayer/writer from the United States. Summer vacation is here meaning I do have more opportunities to come online however this does not garuantee my presence, especially considering I'm far more active on Discord. Nevertheless, I will respond as soon as I can to not only roleplays but any sort of messages I will recieve on this platform. My family does travel a lot so I may have a few spotty days where I'm stuck on an airplane or in a car and can't respond do to the little or no connection though if we have an on-going conversation I will notify you of my absense if I can.

A bit about me
I love visual novel games(and anything similar) of all types though I've found myself leaning away from more suspenseful games such as Danganronpa and YTTD(if those can even be categorized in that way). I do adore Tasokare Hotel and have a very on and off relationship with it, along with most games on my switch. I guess they're kind of hyperfixations though the definition eludes me. It's the same with Hololive though I'm completely in love with everything about Kiara from Hololive Myth! I also enjoy Genshin Impact and play frequently though I've only started around a month ago at most and I'm still trying to get the hand og everything. I have a cat named Rajah who's scared of everything and a small turtle trinket named Shay who has a small manufacturing error. Regarding my cat, I've had him for about a year or two though Shay is a much more recent addition to the small family I've created(if over 20 counts as small). I sometimes talk really formally, I've been told, though I try to be more laidback when talking with people informally(though it's way easier when with my close friends and family). Additionally, terrible sense of humor. I laugh at everything, including the upsidedown handicap parking sign at my Olive Garden. This is definitely more than "a bit about me" but oh well. And if you're into that stuff, I'm a Scorpio if you couldn't tell from my quite visible birthday, and the personality test said INFP-T type. Take that how you will.

Roleplay preferences and rules
I typically do literate or semi-literate one-on-one roleplays on this site. I do prefer to have at least one paragraph though multi-paragraph and a few sentences are both fine, as well. I dread one-liners and would prefer if you were to write more.
I'm really into fantasy, modern, victorian, medieval, and adventure roleplay and will occasionally veer into minor sci-fi(as long as it doesn't get too deep). However, I don't do apocalyptic, permanent death, nor anything similar. I will occasionally do war-related roleplays but, much like sci-fi, it cannot be too much as battle scenes aren't my forte. And I dread erotica roleplays so please do not ask me to do one. Suggestive themes are alright and so is fade-to-black but I refuse to go into detail with anything sexual.

Rave Reviews

Prim here is a wonderful writer,she is detailed and her replies are fast,and I enjoy just simply talking with her. She is so fun,I enjoy every our rp very much. When we talk together,she is very easy to talk to,and I look forward to her replies,I literally stop what I'm doing to see what she posted. RP with this amazing person,She is awesome. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - JetStorm
Primrose-Chan is such a wonderful person to rp with and I love the rp we have going on at the moment. I get excited every time I receive a reply from her! Please rolplay with her when you get the chance. Her replies are so detailed and lovely to read. You won't regret it! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Berrystar

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