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in love with simeon's shoulders UwU
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Feel free to message me about roleplaying if you want. I don't do fandom roleplays with the actual characters but with OCs and I usually won't accept the roleplay request for fandom roleplays anyways.

Heya, I'm Mipha! I'm a teen artist and writer who's been roleplaying for about four, five years now. I love writing and tend to write longer, descriptive replies in the beginning but, to be honest, once I get into a roleplay, I'm more absorbed in the story and I'm not attempting to write longer replies or be descriptive. Of course, I will still try to but it usually only comes back for an hour unless I have some sort of constant reminder. I can roleplay with anyone. I don't care about the POV you use, how long or descriptive your replies are, or anything. Just use proper grammar and I'm good. It really annoys me when incorrect grammar is repeatedly used throughout the roleplay. I even downloaded Grammarly cause it annoys me when I make a mistake and it catches them, even if it sometimes tries to correct something that's already worded correctly. Oh, and you've probably noticed by now but I rant. A lot.

Preferred Roleplay Style
-2 sentences - Paragraphs
This is the important shit. Below is random stuff.

When roleplaying, I usually talk OOC a lot so please be aware. It could be about the roleplay and such, character thoughts, little jokes, or just completely irrelevant. If you have read this and want to roleplay with me or are in a roleplay with me, please let me know if this annoys you. I recently left a platform or two because I needed to move on from them but I don't plan on doing it with this anytime soon as I enjoy roleplay too much and this was made for roleplay sooooo...

I only speak English and if my characters are speaking another language, I will say my characters are talking in said language. If your character wants to eavesdrop and knows the language, I will write what they're saying in English in parenthesis to spare the struggle of Google Translate. It would probably translate wrong, messing up the dialogue in the first place. God, I've made so many mistakes in this paragraph alone. I literally forgot the "s" in mistakes WTH.

FYI, I am an idiot. You can literally tell me something and I can listen but the next second, I will ask about it. It's happened millions of times in my life. I'm planning a wedding for my boy Seb with his not-boyfriend Shaki owned by my dear friend, Sunny. Shaki will probably be asleep and Seb will be a tomato because the two aren't even dating but TO HELL WITH IT! THEY'RE MARRIED NOW AN THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Also, I'm totally throwing a wedding for her OCs Cloudia and Ver... Vin... I can't remember but I'm throwing them a wedding and Sori's going to marry them.

I don't do group roleplays on RPR unless we have a group of characters that are like in a group or organization together, owned by three or more people.

I sometimes don't reply, even if I see the message. I'm most likely trying to figure out a reply or freaking out because someone messaged me and I have social anxiety so if I haven't known you for at least a month, I will freak out if you start a convo with me. I also have a habit of reading messages and not responding for a few days yet being active on RPR. Yes, I have seen your message. I will probably respond on the second day of ignoring the message. I either don't know how to respond or need inspiration. Please don't let it offend you. If I decide to wait for longer than two days and I've been active, I will notify you that it may take longer. If I don't... well I don't want to talk to you. I may dislike you, I may be scared of you, I may be scared of messing up my response. I'm most likely scared. I take months to post forum topics because I think I'll come off as an idiot or jerk or something even though people should just ignore things they don't like. And also, random people see the ads and I'm scared of them. I just now started to feel comfortable with sending people friend requests. So yeah, please just acknowledge I won't always reply, it will probably take two or three days, if it takes longer yet I'm active there's a 5% chance I dislike you and a 95% chance I'm scared of you. Well, I also may just ignore my inbox messages cause I don't want to read and respond to them.

I prefer fantasy and modern roleplays though I also enjoy mystery, adventure, and sometimes romance. I do not do sci-fi often and never do 18+ roleplay.


Rave Reviews

Prim here is a wonderful writer,she is detailed and her replies are fast,and I enjoy just simply talking with her. She is so fun,I enjoy every our rp very much. When we talk together,she is very easy to talk to,and I look forward to her replies,I literally stop what I'm doing to see what she posted. RP with this amazing person,She is awesome. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - JetStorm

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