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Current Update: 4/17/2020:

Due to a very bad relapse and decline in my mental health, replies have been halted. On top of this, I am very busy with work, three times as busy as usual. I have not forgotten anyone, and I apologize for anyone waiting. Feel free to message me about new plots if you'd like or even just casual chatting, it will just take some time for me to reply. As always, replies for my Group will come first. Thank you for your understanding, and I apologize.

I can be found on other sites such as my Tumblr
Or on Archive of Our Own
And Discord: PrinceSky#1665
Drop by and say hi!

About Me:
I'm Skylar, a 22 year old writer that just really likes to create characters. I'm Wiccan, so feel free to ask me about that!! I'm a huge anime fan, along with Disney movies and Marvel/DC comics and movies. I try to be really friendly, despite being super shy and having a hard time keeping up conversations for long periods of time. I'm always open to making new friends here and chatting, so long as you don't mind a little weirdness in your life. (I am, after all, a huge weirdo in the best of ways).

As a side note, I'd like to mention that I struggle with depression and Borderline Personality Disorder in my daily life. This can, at times, affect my rate of replies, or my quality of writing. There's too much about BPD for me to be able to explain it here, but I'm always more than welcome to try and explain it to people if they'd like to know more.

An important note!!!: I am absolutely not one of those people who can keep up daily conversations, or go out of my way to message first if I'm busy or stressed. If constant chatting and talking and general OOC talk is something you require, please keep in mind I can be very slow. Sometimes I'll reply right away, other times it'll take me hours or even a day or two to send back a reply even to general OOC chat. I'm very busy and have a lot going on in my life right now that drains my energy. That being said please dont feel hesitant to message me if you want to talk to me. I love making friends! Just please know that even if we're friends, I may drop off the face of the earth here and there sometimes due to stress or sometimes due to my mental health issues. It's never because I dislike someone or don't want to chat. Essentially, if you can't handle the fact that I am an adult with a life outside of this site that can't always be up for starting conversations or takes a long time to reply, then proceed with little expectations.


Themes I Enjoy Writing
I'm fond of supernatural/horror themes, as well as many different branches of fantasy. (Etc, high fantasy, modern fantasy...). I can also do casual, modern day themed Rp's, but it really does sort of depend on what sort of plot we come up with. A majority of my characters work best in some sort of fantasy/horror/supernatural setting. Most of them are demons, vampires, or other non-human creatures.

I can also do smut themed rps, but most of the time I won't want a plot that is just smut. I like when there's real, action and emotion driven plot. I have a huge weakness for romance plots, above all else. Monster romances as well!

When it comes to the type of characters I write, there's a lot I enjoy. I try to branch out from time to time with more "evil" characters, but most of my characters are more morally grey, or in the middle of the spectrum. I like writing strong women, the type who dont need to be saved but might want to be, from time to time. I also like writing gentle male characters.



*I'm only comfortable writing with people who are 18 or older. I'm an adult, you see, and I just find it a little uncomfortable to write with minors. Especially for smut plots. Please respect this boundary.

* your CHARACTERS must be 18+ as well for smut rps. I do NOT condone pedophiles, or people who WRITE pedophiles. I am a victim of childhood sexual assault and childhood rape. I DO NOT WANT TO INTERACT WITH ANY CHARACTERS WHO ARE INTO CHILDREN. LETS NOT BE GROSS OKAY?

* As stated up above I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. I also have depression, anxiety, and intense PTSD. So, I usually am very, very picky about writing with other characters who have said disorders. Especially Borderline. There are way, way too many negative stereotypes out there about people with BPD, about how they're cheaters, about how they cant be loyal, about how they're just bad, bad people. These are very, very toxic tropes. I will not write with characters written to have BPD because I'm just very, very tired of all the negative stereotypes.

*"Native Characters/OC's based off Native American Myths": I grew up on Native American land with my family (we are members of a Native American Tribe) for a majority of my life. My stepmother is also full blooded Native American. I have a very strong spirituality that touches on a lot of different topics. Because of this, I am very...picky when it comes to interacting with OC's who are made to be Native American. I am always looking out for harmful stereotypes and do not tolerate them, nor do I associate with them. Please respect this. This also goes for OC's that are based off of certain Native American mythos. The biggest one on this site I've seen are W*ndigo OC's. Now, I'm not saying you cannot make a W*ndigo OC. There are correct ways of going about it, just like there are correct ways of going about everything else. Please be respectful. That being said, I most likely will not interact with W*ndigo or Sk*nwalker OC's because of my own comfort; I don't even really like to verbally say the name of the creatures too many times. Please respect this boundary I have, thank you.

*Smut: When it comes to smut in RP's I have a small handful of preferences. Most of my male characters tend to lean more towards the submissive side. This, however, can be adjusted depending on how well we get along. Usually, if you're someone I've talked with for a while or have already written with I'm more than happy to write as a more dominant character. As for my female characters, they can be a bit more dominant depending on how comfortable you are with that.

*Communication is key: It's important that we're able to communicate to each other. If there's something in the RP going on you don't like, let me know! We can most likely work it out and try to adjust it.

*"The dreaded 'Y' word": Alrighty..."yaoi" is a word that is an instant redflag for me. Yaoi, as a whole, is an extremely toxic topic that seems to invade almost every ounce of media these days. Yaoi is problematic and bad. HOWEVER, Gay romance is not. If you describe a genuine romance between two men as "yaoi" or a genuine romance between to women as "yuri" i will mot likely never want to interact with you. Same for the words "Seme" and "uke". Believe me, I've been in the phase where yes, I was a "yaoi addict"...but I've been able to grow up and realize just how toxic the subject is. Same sex romance, however, is a beautiful thing to me that I adore writing, as someone who is not heterosexual as well.

* Gender preferences?: I have none! I'm open to writing with characters of all gender identities and sexual preferences. I try to be a very open safe place!

Writing Styles and Preferences:
I RP in paragraph form. No, it does not have to be 3+ paragraphs but please, at least two. I need enough to work with, and the RP will be dropped if there are any, or too many, one liners being sent. Not every RP I do has to have sexual content. However, if you want to have a more smut themed rp please let me know so that we can discuss it first.


Rave Reviews

SKY! Loveable, kind, cute, and wonderful Sky. I've not rped with Sky yet, least I honestly can't remember if I have or not (-anime sweats-), but Sky is such a grand person to talk to! Demi told me to talk to Sky, when I needed some information about Celtic stuff. I always want to do right by other lore's, belief's, and such from the rl for rp. Sky was a gem with the information they provided for me. I SWEAR I'll get my Celtic OC up. Someday. But Sky is a caring person, & I love talking to them. Kind and understanding Helpful - Winters_Fury
Honestly, how amazing Skylar is freaking baffles me. It is one of those rare connections where you just 'click' with another person. The laughs, the sharing, hell, the writing! It's brilliant. Skylar is bloody easy to chat with, and positively relaxing. A true breath of fresh air. It is a pleasure and an honour to call you friend. Thank you. <3 - Demilicious

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