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He/They/It || Writer || Game Dev
"Though I've been taking of maybe forgiving you... Am I crazy? Am I strange? You'll never change~!"
I'm a 19 year old writer/game dev with a passion for roleplaying! I especially love dark topics, haha...~ I currently have a thing for sadistic, possessive masked men - so if you could provide one of those, I'll like, go sicko mode stg. I am in LOVE with them. Both OCs and canon characters (especially Creepypasta canons). Uhm! I'll be doing a mix of random OCs I feel like expanding on and OCs I'm working on fleshing out for my game dev studio. I'm currently planning a visual novel and a kinky virtual pet site, so you may see me working on the characters for those eventually! I'll write more about my RP info in the next section, haha~
"If only time could rewind - fix my own broken mind."
RP Rules
1. If you want me to play a canon character for you, I will request a Canon x OC double-up. I refuse to play Canon for someone who won't also play a Canon character for me.

2. If we're playing a dark fandom, I prefer to keep it dark. I understand if you can't stay completely in-character and headcanon some stuff, but please don't turn a sadistic serial killer into a fluffy, wholesome, misunderstood "uwu smol bean". That's like... uber annoying.

1. Please, please, please don't ask me to change my OCs for your preferences! I don't like watering down or twisting my OCs. Then it's like, just not them, y'know? Doesn't feel right. If you have a plot in mind and don't see any OCs of mine that fit in with it, just talk to me about it first! I may get inspired to make an OC for the RP. Please understand if not, though!

2. If you want to play the victim (and I have not posted asking to play as the aggressor) for more dark RPs, I may ask to double-up (have a victim of my own, and you also play as an aggressor). It's just more fun for me that way. I tend to get bored rather quickly if not.

Extra Information
1. I can do semi-literate to advanced literate RP. Semi-literate for me is 2-3 paragraphs, literate is 4-6 paragraphs, and advanced literate is 7+ paragraphs. My post length may vary depending on what's currently going on in the RP. Please don't be a one-liner/illiterate!!

2. I have a bad habit of ghosting that I'm currently trying to break. Sometimes I don't respond because I fear that people may be mad at me. Uhm! If you're one of my current RP partners, please just poke me after a month to see if I forgot to reply. It happens sometimes.

3. I'm currently a very busy person, so my online time varies quite drastically. I may come back for 3-5 days at a time and rapid respond and then dip for another week. I promise I try not to be gone for longer than a month unless something really important has happened irl, and I'll try to tell you when I'm taking a mental health check! I also may disappear for a little bit at a time to drum up RP inspiration/motivation. I'm trying to train myself to write despite lengthy writer's block periods, though~

4. I like really, really dark RPs. Featuring abuse, kidnapping (of adult characters), etc. If you're a person with twisted, well-built characters, I'm almost guaranteed to be down for a plot.

5. I will only RP with you if you are 16+, and will only RP erotic scenes if you are 18+!
"Somehow... Our childhood ended then."
Current Fandom: Creepypasta

For-Fun OCs:
Rabid Rabbit - Creepypasta

OCs to Flesh Out:

OCs for Kink:
"Please, don't ever try to leave me behind."

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Liam (played by Prince_Jin)
Liam is such a cute and adorable character that I work so well with. He is so easy to work with and I find myself getting lost in roleplay with him constantly. Do roleplay with him if you get the chance, he is such a wonderful and unique person. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Apollo
Prince_Jin is an absolutely lovely person to RP with~ They reply quickly but never does it feel like their replies lack in quality. They come up with really interesting concepts and drive the plot forward. Jin is great at making characters feel different from one another and makes everything flow and mesh well together both in a reply and in the overarching narrative. If you ever get a chance to roleplay with Prince_Jin, take the opportunity~ You will not regret it. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Section

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