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Name: Angel/Jin
Height: 5'1
Job: Freelance writer, game dev
Hello~! I'm just a little writer who loves to commission artists and RP to flesh out my characters for my games, as well as have a break from reality! If you want to befriend me, RP is the best way to do it. You may see me frequent the forums for RP and seeking artists~!
I do semi-literate to advanced literate RP. Sometimes freeform. I'm a little daft and forget things easily, so please be patient with me in conversations... I prefer RPing with people who are 16+. I won't do sexual themes with anyone under 18, however. I won't RP romance or sexual themes with characters who are minors, either. I like dark stuff, so if you have sadistic characters you want to RP, I'll love you forever,,,

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