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  • Gender: Two-spirit

All of my characters are anonymous for a reason.

Are you a flake?

n. An unreliable person; someone who agrees to do something, but never follows through.
- If this fits you, don't talk to me. This goes both for OOC interactions and being a "friend" and also IC interactions as far as roleplaying goes.

Keep communication open. Always. Or be on your merry way.
I'm not the only person that feels this way.


If you are a
Much of the time, fake people will use others to comfort themselves. If they are in a social setting and don’t know anyone, they will act like they are friends with you so that they feel and look like they are popular.

As soon as they see someone whom they like better, or who has a higher social status, they will leave your side to go join the “more important” person.
This fake person has basically just used you as a ladder to crawl up the social scene. They were only nice to you when they needed the support of your company.
- don't talk to me. I have no desire to speak with or roleplay with anyone that is interested until something new and shiny comes along.


I put emotion, meaning, time and effort behind my writing and my characters. I can get attached to the characters themselves and the story. It's no different than reading your favourite book series, or movie or tv show, etc. It's no different.

If this bothers you, it's best we do not RP. Ever.

It's not "just a game" for me. It's an escape.

"There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact." ~ Ciel, Earl Phantomhive, 'Black Butler; Book of Murder'



Been RPing since I was 14-15 years old. More serious RP since about 18. I suffer from anxiety and I'm not always the most sociable with people I don't know. While I can be friendly, understand, I do not deal with people's bullshit and I do have an opinion and tend to speak it. I'm blunt. I come off as abrasive and can be confrontational if I am defending myself or believe you are lying to me. Long story short...

I can be a bitch.

Give respect to get respect. If you have a tendency to be deceptive by intent, or just a general all around fake person, don't talk to me. I have 0 tolerance for fake people in my life...



The above Twitter screenshot is not me. It's something a friend re-tweeted and I found applicable to myself and many others I know or know suffer from anxiety. I am displaying it here for awareness. If you would like to use it/display it as well, feel free. No need to ask!


I kindly ask that you not use/steal the phoenix dividers or phoenix image (pictured at the bottom) from my profile. The dividers were a custom color request. Grapics and phoenix image below made by Pomkeki.


Uncle Grandpa Piccolo is BEST Piccolo!

Oh, how I have missed thee original Vegeta voice, Brian Drummond!



THANK YOU Pomkeki for this beautiful phoenix :3 <3


While I am not an Atheist, I am not religious or follow any religious sect. Regardless of that, I can relate to this very deeply. I think more people should apply this to their lives, and not just about religion. It is, sadly, one of the main reasons I have personal issues with those that are devout or religious. I don't have issues with all religious people, mind you, but I have found that more people of the religious side, than not, could benefit from this.


Psyche's Characters

Psyche either has no characters, or has made all their characters anonymous. Mysterious!

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  • What can I say about this person who I have basically shared my life with? We've gone through bouts of laughter and hysteria (#WhatHaveWeDone), we've gone through the worst that life has had to throw at us both, we've even got through the worst of each other.

    -- TiamosLoren

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