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I am a writer in her twenties who replies with multiple paragraphs and use third-person styled responses. I have been writing for ten plus years and came to this site looking to write with some new and interesting people.


My Rules & Preferences

Ѽ Real life always comes first for me, both where my writing partners and my own life is concerned. I'm not going to expect you to make our plot a priority or demand you put everything else aside to reply to my right away, so please extend me the same courtesty and be patient.

Ѽ I only write with those who are 18+. I can appreciate a large portion of members on this site are younger writers, but a great deal of my roleplays include themes that aren't suitable or legal to write with minors. So please do not approach me if you aren't over the age of eighteen.

Ѽ In terms of writing style, I look for those who can send at least three paragraphs and have a decent level of grammer. We are all human and make mistakes, but I want to be able to understand what you've written. Third person posts are a must, and a good amount of detail is desired too so I have something to respond. Please, no one liners or first person posts.

Ѽ I do write smut and not fade to black, and at this moment in time am only interested in writing mxf romance scenes where I write as the female in that scenario. However, depending on the kind of plot we're writing depends on how much smut will actually be involved.

Character RP Stats

A little section for you to see which of my characters are currently in rps and which ones aren't, as well as any ads they may have. My muse tends to effect which ones have more rps than others, but I'm more likely to take on rps for the babs who either don't have any rps or have less than the rest.

Amecia Seymour
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Evanora Nikolaou
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Mariella Russo
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Mohini Aphelion
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Rochelle Levine
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