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Hello, I hope you don’t mind me.

I've always enjoyed adventurous plots, with vast landscaping and world building, my favorite kind of scenes are either rainy cities, abandoned structures, ruins, and of course anything steampunk.

I’m very shy, but I try my best, especially to reply as quickly as possible. I require at least one full paragraph, anything less will result in me putting it off. I try to make at least one to two paragraphs each reply, but sometimes I can do more. I’m way too busy to do a casual novella.

All artwork used for my characters belong to me.

Rave Reviews

Jordan (played by PunkTown)
To be honest there are only a few reasons where I day I feel a bond between our characters. Jordan is a well written character and her flaws make her special and even interesting to learn more about her. And even though she has nothing in her life she tries to give as much as she can. I really like that character a lot. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - EagleBearer

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