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Hey i'm Monk, or Fish... or Keith... or whatever you want to call me. (I really don't mind. NONE of these are my real name so yeah... hahah)

I'm an ooold rper who'll honestly do just about any genre so long as it's something I have some knowledge of. (So fandoms are mostly out for me, i'm too old and hipster to know what "the kids" are into lol)

Genres I love:
  • Vampires
  • Modern fantasy/Urban fantasy
  • Medieval fantasy (Thinkg D&D)
  • Low fantasy
  • High fantasy
  • Just about anything with fantasy or supernatural elements
  • Sci fi (think star trek more than hard science)

I'm well over 18, I swear rather a lot (as do my characters) and my post lengths vary.

I'm generally about, though my timezone is GMT so be aware I might be asleep when you're awake.

I predominantly play MALE characters. I don't have many female characters and seldom feel much desire to play them so sorry! I won't "make a female" for you to play against.

Wanna rp? Drop me a message and we'll talk.

Rps currently ongoing:

I like to only have 1 or 2 rps with any character, otherwise I get really confused.

So currently:
  • Asher - Vampire vlogger, charity worker, activist - 0
  • Eddie - Gay, Glaswegian werewolf, ex cop turned PI - 0
  • Jay - Loser bartender and wannabe musician with a dark past. - 0
  • Mages - Aydin - Germaphobic welsh Warlock - 0
  • Mages - Lysander - Shaman librarian - 0
  • Mages- Jones - Spy, informant, warlock, liar. - 0
  • Medieval - Thanasios - Death priest - 1 ongoing
  • Medieval - Olamir - Good hearted half orc Druid - 0
  • Mitchell - - Surly vampire cop - 1
  • Perry - Moronic gay teenage monster - 1
  • Nathair - Flamboyant extroverted teenaged Naga - 0
  • Other vampires - Ben - Psychopath, vampire, hockey player - 0
  • Other vampires - Eoin - Broken, blind, vampire kid - 0
  • Other vampires - Rune - Vampire, vigilante, thrill seeker - 0

I have other characters as well, just no bio slots available. I periodically do a shuffle.

Also available for rp:
  • Gwyn - Modern fantasy ghost story
  • Fahrde - Sci fi spider guy
  • Jason - Mutant/gifted DJ
  • Elias - time traveller who periodically ceases to exist.
  • Ronan - Modern fantasy Selkie boy

Rave Reviews

I just got to say , these characters are so well written! I mean really, I tend to just go around and read through other players characters and I have to be honest I really enjoyed reading these. I apologize for my randomness, I just wanted to let you know what a excellent job you did on them. - DarkandLight
So understanding and patient. Im really loving the rp we have together and I hope Monk likes it as well.

I sorta vanished due to RL issues and Monk was super cool about it all and we continued our RP when things settled a bit. Thanks for reaching out to me when I stopped responding. It realky helped.

Hoping for our rp to go on for years and years. - JoJoApples

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