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Formerly known as Ethelle. You may also call me Paula. I'm in Western Europe and my timezone is GMT+1. I do have a semi-demanding job, so I can't always respond right away.

I do not accept random out-of-the-blue friend requests. Please just contact me first to let me know why you want to interact.

I will never insist on a set minimum length of paragraphs as if that is somehow a marker for quality. I will write as much as I feel is required. If a post needs some establishing narrative, it will be longer. If a post is mainly dialogue, it will be short, because real-life conversations do not consist of essay-esque back-and-forth monologuing either. I have zero patience for pages filled with purple prose that's only there to try and fill the space. If we all could just drop our unrealistic standards trying to reach some arbitrary number of paragraphs, we wouldn't have writer's block so often.


- Is that a bird on your head?
Yes. I think it's quite stylish.

- What's up with all those characters looking alike?
Astarill, Alaric, and Barrow are alternate versions of each other, recreated in The Elder Scrolls, Vampire: The Masquerade, and Fallout settings respectively. Because their backgrounds and histories differ, and because their personalities are build upon those, you can safely treat them as very different and separate characters even though they do look alike.

Rave Reviews

Ahh, Pyrroglaux. Formerly known as the wise Art Sorceress Ethelle. Her knowledge of the workings of the world of Nirn, the power of The Elder Scrolls, made her both powerful ally and dangerous rival in my previous campaign to dominate Repositoria. Though now she goes by a new name, her power remains potent, made clear through her artistry, creativity, and attention to even the most minute detail. - Andryn
Ethelle is so excitable! She really loves my RP and that's what drives me to make it all that much more amazing! I would hope to keep her entertained! - Jetticus

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