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Vel/Rena They/Them/Your Majesty 31 Gemini
tw. da
Gay, dumb of ass
Always tired, the bags under my eyes are Gucci
Parent of two cats and many house plants
Hobby artist and aspiring writer
Avid gamer, general nerd
Current jam; Katy Perry - Cry About It Later
Too old for drama, take it elsewhere
Maji is my wife

Rave Reviews

As I said, there's not nearly enough space, and I am not a succinct person. To sum, it would be well worth your time to get to know this woman. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised and possessed of an enviable friendship. She is good people. - Auberon
West (played by Queen)
A thief that takes both your heart and your wallet. Though a fledgling-- a baby bird--in the Tether, West is already a delightfully dynamic character bursting with character, gall and an enigma that lures you closer whether you admit it or not. Thanks to an astonishingly talented player as well as that waif grin, he's already set with a roguish, classical charm to steal both the ladies' and the men's hearts. - wilts

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