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esQXH5J.gifHello Everyone!GgiaPIe.gif

My name is Serenity and have been roleplaying
for about 10 years. I am in my late 20s and live
in the U.S. Besides role playing my other hobbies
are drawing, editing, and watching way too much anime.
I have two cats and they are my world and they know
they rule my world lol.

My Top Favorite Anime's!

1. Sailor Moon
2. Attack on Titan
3. Dragon Ball Z & Super
4. One Punch Man
5. Soul Eater
6. Ouran High School Host Club

Role play Information!

I have had experience in all types of settings
in role play but my favorite is anything
fantasy. I LIVE for anything magical
and fantasy. Maybe its because I wish
I had a dragon as a pet and wings of my
own lol! Besides that, I am pretty open
to anything, so if you like to start a role
play, message me and we can get started!

My Role Play Rules

1. I prefer paragraph length
2. I don't mind spelling mistakes
3. I only do long term role plays
4. I don't mind a little blood but no full out gore.
5. I LOVE romantic type role plays with adventure!
6. I only role play with +18
7. Nine out of ten my role plays are adult theme.

Well that pretty much covers all the basics,
if there is anything else you would like to know
then please message me. Always looking for
new friends! 891HbOs.gif

Thanks for stopping by!

Rave Reviews

Well, we have greatness and then we would say it is ideal but we have another level which is legendary, however, I dare to say Queen Serenity is even beyond legendary.
She is not from this world, she is the personification of imagination in the real world, our posts have crossed the number 2847 now and each post contain long paragraphs, She is a great, superb, outstanding, awesome, excellent, marvelous, fascinating, fantastic, exquisite, and capital role player and friend. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Vozhad
I have been role playing with Queen Serenity for a long time now, our role play has 1617 posts now and each post includes long paragraphs... because of QueenSerenity this story has become something exceedingly special to me (it is like an invaluable treasure to me), because of her understanding and exemplary skills concerning cooperation and understanding the tastes of her partner this role play has been able to expand more and more, further more she is an exceedingly kind and friendly person. Kind and understanding Helpful - Vozhad

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