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Hello everyone! Thank you for taking your time and visiting my profile. I am known as Queen_ Knight but please address to me as Augusta since she is my main character and face of this profile. I am multi-paragraph to novella writer been roleplaying for about thirteen years now. I love creating my own original worlds and settings. My favorite genre would be FANTASY, STEAMPUNK ACTION, ADVENTURE, although recently i begin to explore different genres and other various settings such as Slice Of Life, Psychological Horror and so on. While i have a lot of original characters and settings i'm no stranger to canon characters! My favorite canon verses would be: Project Touhou, Persona, Castlevania, Guilty Gear.

I am a friendly writer who always ready to create wonderful stories. If you looking to create wonderful stories you came to the right place! Don't be shy message me i'm always willing to discuss a story with other writer.

Rave Reviews

What is there to say about this wonderful person I know as my sister? For starters, her ideas for roleplays are always awesome, and when you start said roleplays, I for one always look forward to her replies. She's whimsical, funny, kind and overall a wonderful friend and someone I love and admire. If you are wanting a good time in terms of both conversations and/or roleplays, I highly suggest Queen_Knight! - Gekkei128
In spite of our rocky past, Queen Knight is a reliable and fun roleplayer. Her characters are always unique and interest, as well as fleshed out in a believable way. Her responses are also long and literate, and she definitely deserves a shot by anyone willing to give her a try. - Kamizombie

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