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Hello everyone. Thank you for taking your time and visiting my profile. I am Queen_Knight just another roleplayer looking to craft wonderful stories. I am multi-paragraph to novella writer and have been roleplaying for thirteen fourteen years now. English is my second language so my apologies if I make some spelling or grammar errors. I also only roleplay in third, but you might find some of my characters bio's written in first.

My main genre that I love is Fantasy, High Fantasy, and Urban/Modern Fantasy. While most of my characters are Fantasy based. I also do other genres such as Sci-fi, Slice Of Life, Steampunk, Action, Adventure, Horror, and romance.

Most of my characters are set to mature because I occasionally enjoy more mature roleplays, for example story driven erotica. I am willing to roleplay with anyone however if you are under +18 i won't roleplay any erotic so don't ask. I also won't do mindless smut, or dedicate my characters to another character. Unless both parties agree and characters have some sort of connection through roleplay story.

All of my characters are 100% original creations from story to their art. Most of the character art is done by me or their art commissioned. While my characters are original I don't mind occasionally crossover with canon characters or characters that belong to the canon universe.


✯ Paragraph minimum, if you have a hard time coming up with a reply, please take your time. I don't mind waiting.

✯ Don't pester for replies, this is a hobby not a full time job.

✯ If you are under +18 years old, I won't do any roleplay involving NSFW subjects and you will be reported to a staff. Additionally if you are 18 years old or older, but wish to engage into romantic or erotic scenes as under +18 character you will also be denied.

✯ Keep OOC drama out of roleplay, if you have rough times in life. I don't mind listening, but i am not your therapist.

✯¦ No means no. If i refuse to write with you please respect my choice.

Rave Reviews

My Senpai! What can I say about her that would even do her justice? I'll try my best though! She's a wonderful person who is very easy to talk to. Her eyes ideas and character depictions are vast, and she is capable of doing so many things, its very unlikely that someone would not be able to find a way to weave a story together with her. This is a person I'm glad to have met, and ever excited to forge character bonds with. And I hope others will grow to fill the same as me! - Joker_Echo
Queen has definitely gotten me back into the superhero mood. Awesome to talk to, open-minded, great sense of humor, and amazing characters, she's a great partner to have and can definitely keep the story moving. You won't regret working with her. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - KingTai

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