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I am not taking any roleplays outside of the group World of Darkness due to the nature of being an admin and also a storyteller.

If you're below 18, I will not friend you back.

A little bit about myself
  • A very proud founder of the group that hasn't reached it's first year, not to mention how I love all of the people present there, they're my Vamily and I'd protect them til I die.

  • I am a descriptive writer, you can get walls of text or some shorter paragraphs, so it doesn't kill the flow of the situation. I learned having unnecessarily far too many details in a post can actually kill the mood, just as much as any short post would. But my main goal is to deliver a post with juice.

  • I am crazy about drama and flawed characters. I want to break our hearts.

  • Adult content roleplay (sexual/profanity/violence) rating from 1 to 3 - 5/5/5. I have no limits. I've done the best and worst things (within the guidelines, of course). I do require partners who would rate themselves 3/3/3.

  • I have roleplayed for the most of my life - I know what I'm doing, I promise.




I am a dead empire


No sun rises


Where I breathe




Rave Reviews

At this point I'm pretty convinced that Queen is unstoppable. Her mind doesn't stop. I don't know how, but she is a force to be reckoned with. Just get out of the way and let this stunning woman create and take you for ride- make that 10 rides. She can write and keep so many stories going! The words 'extremely addictive' apply here. <3 - Demilicious
Queen is one of the most fun roleplay partners I've had and probably the most responsive :) always keeping me on my toes and deliciously devilish both in the RP and in the plotting that goes with it. Very creative, playful and with a great sense of humor, I cannot wait to start a new story with this wonderful redhead very soon, and in the meantime I shall enjoy stalking her! - DorianM

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