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You may call me Red or Rouge.

Femme ~ 24 ~ Pansexual ~ INFJ-A


I am not taking any roleplays outside of the group World of Darkness due to the nature of being an admin and also a storyteller.

If you're below 18, I will not friend you back.

Want to ask questions but not directly contact me? I have an account on ASKfm, so you can hop on in and poke me there whenever!

About yours truly
~ I am a proud and happy mama bear of the group World of Darkness. We just recently reached the first year and I can't even describe how happy I was to see the pride and joy of all of the involved members have shown, not to mention the love they have spread for this small, but growing community of people. They are warm and understanding people who've been there when it was the hardest for me and the least I can do is to be there for them. They are my Vamily, I love them all to death and I will always stay by their side, no matter what.

~ I am crazy about drama and flawed characters. I want to break our hearts.

~ I have roleplayed for the most of my life - I know what I'm doing, I promise.

~ Please understand that I'm a Capricorn who works herself to the bone. I'm always busy. World of Darkness is ALWAYS under construction. Admin work is more editing and planning than roleplaying.
~ I am a descriptive writer, you can get walls of text or some shorter paragraphs, so it doesn't kill the flow of the situation. I learned having unnecessarily far too many details in a post can actually kill the mood, just as much as any short post would. But my main goal is to deliver a post with juice.

~ Adult content roleplay (sexual/profanity/violence) rating from 1 to 3 - 5/5/5. I have no limits. I've done the best and worst things (within the guidelines, of course). I do require partners who would rate themselves 3/3/3.



Admin and Storyteller Pledge

As an Admin and a Founder, I solemnly swear that I will listen and that I will always be there to help. That I will give my time to those who need it to have their characters and stories prosper in the group. I encourage criticism when its needed. I solemnly swear that I want to be better for everyone. That I will always put community first. That I will be on the side of the Vamily no matter the cost. To make them feel comfortable, accepted and loved, and whatever happens, I'll do what is possible to fix any faults. I understand I am not perfect, but with admin power comes great responsibility that demands unbias, understanding, patience, but still love for the community that supports, not just the work that I have put in, but the other admins who helped me build it. Without them, none of this would be possible. They're the reason why I work hard to make this group and Community work.

As a Storyteller, I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good.


I am a dead empire


No sun rises


Where I breathe




Rave Reviews

The devil works hard but Queen works harder in the best way possible. Finding rp groups that respect adult life as being a 'not every minute of the day' is hard but WoD is the place!. World of Darkness is super fun and creative, and well tailored,Deep respect Queen for running and keeping the place up, its a well done, creative embracing fun palace! I deeply recommend giving it a gander. Queen's a gem, love all their work and world building and always happy to throw jokes :D Helpful Creative ideas - Hierophant
Fantastic, charismatic, charming, and absolutely hilarious. Queen is a delightful Peach. Her writing is something I adore coming across in our group and I love the character's that she creates. If you're looking for someone to actively hold interest and show enthusiasm towards your characters, Queen is definitely someone to approach! - Hadeslicious

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