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={ Welcome To My Profile }=
Not much to say here. I'm not super special in any way.

I'm a roleplayer. Have been for... several years now.
I recently found my way to this site in hopes of finding good roleplay partners for long-term writing. That's all, really.

I like to think I'm pretty friendly and open. Blunt perhaps, but friendly. If you're reading this and you have questions, feel free to ask, I don't mind answering. So long as the questions are reasonable, anyway.

See you around.

={ General Information }=

Genres and Settings I play and Enjoy:

Fantasy is what I'm most experienced and proficient in. I'd assume one might be able to guess this given he monster of a profile that is under Dearil's name.

But honestly, I actually prefer Sci-Fi more than fantasy. And most forms of it, though my absolute favorite would actually be mechs and mecha. Yeah!

That said. I've been involved with this roleplay business for a long time now, and I can definitely appreciate other flavors and genres. The most important thing to me is interest, be it my own and my writing partner's. As long as interest runs high for both, the RP will go well.

So with that in mind, I feel it's safe to mention that I actually enjoy all sorts of roleplay... save for slice of life for the most part.

About my characters:

I have several. I don't have a huge number, but I definitely have a smattering of them, of varying types.
All are male, all are straight, but all have something new to bring to the table, and all are definitely unique in personality, setting, and play style.

I'll be adding a brief description here to save you some time as I add them to this site.

Champion of Chaos, chaotic neutral survivor in a world that wishes to see him destroyed.
Dark setting, some dark themes, expect violence in his tales. He himself however, has a lot to offer as a person, and even more growing to do.
I'll refine this as time goes on, he's somewhat difficult to describe.

A young man in possession of an old Demon King's soul. Don't let that mislead you, it's a woman in there. The two of them put together make a frightening combination, but her existence means that his soul will eventually die and his body will be taken over. He's trying to prevent that.
His war is internal, and he's constantly looking for solutions.

A very promising Pokemon trainer with a lot of spunk and fire in his belly. A good young man who always has a smile on his face, and a lot hidden behind it.
He has killed before. Both men and Pokemon. It weighs heavily on his mind, but he only wishes for a better world.
He has a small team, but he shares strong bonds with each of them.
He also happens to be in posession of experimental technology....

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