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Well, Hello there...
please take note I can not replay frequently currently. Chef school is keeping me busy.
Anycase... ;)

Short and sweet.
I am an apprentice chef so food is my forte and sometimes I might be busy with class...
Or taking a Catnap :) .
I love many genres to Rp but I prefer, medieval, sci-fi, gaming, mystical, fantasy, wee bit romance and a bit of horror but not a lot... Not a massive fan.
Any crossovers, why not! AKA, combinations of the weird and wonderful, heck yes!

So, I can be short sweet and to the point or complex and detailed... But for either style, I need information regarding the story. A vague description of where the story is going is purrfect... a stickman version of your plan is all I ask... you keep the actual thing, I love a mystery. It all depends on what you want and how you prefer it. I adapt and fit your style.

Okay... what else.
I have Discord, I am a gamer and I love watching and quoting movies, maybe even use a line or two in the RP... Also, I pawsitively love cats, building, creating a great pun, and... being an optimist.

That is all folks...

May the odds be ever in your favor :D

Thanks for making it this far, you are Pawsome!

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