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Greetings reader

I have no idea why you are here... but welcome.

So I am currently an apprentice chef, and I am loving it. My plate is my canvas and the food, my paint.
If I can be all artsy and complex yeah. If simplistic is better than I am all for it.

This can be seen in my writing style. Just like my Steam library, I like everything, Jack of all trades, master of none, yet... I can be very specific and give details, so much that I'll even describe the speck of dust on the spacebar of your keyboard that needs to be cleaned. Or be as simplistic as your keyboard needs to be cleaned.

I like a good action scene, be it medieval, modern, sci-fi or fantasy. Horrors and thrillers... NO!
I like the dark, I don't want to light it up. This is my movie preferences btw.

So, my movie preferences are also the type of RP's I prefer. I don't mind being jerked out of my comfort zone, change is as good as a holiday. But I will need some material or guides to build from.

The material can be a book, movie, youtube vid, song or game... I like to read, so I'm cool with a 38pg short story that explains Rick and Morty's story...if you suggest me to read it :)

Oo... um, I do like a romance but [there is always a but involved XD] only if it's like the one found in Pride, Prejudice, and Zombie. A great movie.

Now I love me a good game. I am a gamer and know my way around a keyboard. By being a gamer I need DC [discord] so, yes I have it.

Umm... what else.
I love cats, building and creating, a great pun, and... being an optimist.

Funny... from animation to DC and everything in between this song fits..., and that is scaringly AWESOME!

May this day be one of the many Great ones ...

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