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Well, Hello there...
I hope this festive season finds you well and in good spirits. This year was daunting but its end is near, so smile to end it with a bang of joy...

So lets jump right in, first off...
I am an apprentice chef so food is my forte and sometimes I might be busy with class or exams or taste testing or in the kitchen or... something...

Seek and yhee shall find what yhee desires right! ... Right?

I enjoy many genres to Rp in although my preferences are, medieval, sci-fi, gaming, mystical, fantasy, wee bit romance, and a bit of horror but... . Not a massive fan. But a mystery is quite appealing if I do say so myself.

So I am a sponge... I want to learn as much as I can from all of you. I be a Noob, a very optimistic one but as green as springtime leaves. Lay the game like chess, state the rules, and give me a mini-guide please, and then... we ride!

Okay... what else.
I have Discord, I am a gamer and I love watching and quoting movies, maybe even use a line or two in the RP... Also, I pawsitively love cats, building, creating a great pun, and... being an optimist.

If you made it this far... well quick reader [Credit to you] or just committed to finish [... I can't repeat commitment can I?]

Jokes aside...
Thanks for making it this far, you are Pawsitivly Great!

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