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Rabbit Hearted | She/They | EST (US)
um,, Hi. I'm Rabbit. I'm really bad at making friends,,

I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I get really low due to it. This means my replies can sometimes abruptly stop and I might even drop our roleplay for a bit to recharge. I will tell you in advance, promise!

Autism Friendly/LGBTQ+ Friendly/Disabled Friendly
I am autistic, please have patience with me while I try my best.


Best Friend
Random friend requests are always, always, always welcome!
Trying to get in contact with me very quickly?
>> Rabbit Hearted#0001 <<

Themes & Topics; Beware of Dog!
What is Gender Envy?

I, personally, experience gender dysphoria. In response to this my cast is very diverse when it comes to presentation, expression, and biological sex. Some of my characters are cisgender and some are transgender. Furthermore; some of my characters are either fully transitioned, partially, or not at all based on that character's personal choice. The majority of my cast are very comfortable in their expression or just all-out in love with their body. You will find a lot of confidence among my characters and that is due to the ideal fantasy of actually liking the body you're in. (That I have) There are also other cast-members who do not find their body ideal and that is a way for me to somewhat live through them on a small scale. If transgender bodies make you uncomfortable... You should probably leave.

Please contact me if anything makes you uncomfortable: strictly because of your own dysphoria and how you may be coping with it. I will not respond well to 'they make me uncomfortable because they are x or y' - just as a heads up. My characters are meant to not only empower myself but also other trans identities.

I experience quite a bit of gender envy for my own characters.

What is Fantasy Racism?

Fantasy Racism is exactly what it sounds like. I do roleplay some characters who are a fictional race that doesn't quite like another fictional race. It has nothing to do with real-world politics or skintone. Think of Vampires not liking Werewolves, etc. It adds drama to plots and a bit of pressure that is ideal for character strain. Either by convincing them that the other race isn't all that different/bad... or full out wars.

This is usually in my Fantasy or Paranormal writing. My best example is the human world not taking too kindly to a certain Alien I have in my cast. I write a lot of (Genre) vs Modern; Fantasy meets Modern, Sci-Fi meets Modern, etc... Fish out of water stories are something I LOVE and I will continue to love.

Children & Teenagers

Among my cast you will find a few underage members. I will state this very bluntly: They are not intended to be in the middle of conflict, mature themes, or graphic violence. I will only roleplay my underage cast members with close, close friends - by themselves. Alongside their assigned guardian you may see them come up in scenes to bring some more life to things. Especially if they are meant to be on-scene with their parent the majority of the time.

Scenes where this underage character is in some sort of trouble can be discussed, but: I will never graphically describe a child dying, fatally injured, or tortured. Darker themes like kidnapping, scaring, or killing another character in the same scene as that child are up to debate.

To summarize: I won't RP a child as the main character with people I don't know and I won't be harming them directly/placing them in a mature sexual scene - ever.

Terminal Illness

I am completely fine with medical scenes, themes, and characters in medical occupations! But, I do have a pretty bad case of 'health phobia' entirely around topics like terminal illness and disease. Please talk to me first before showing me/introducing that sort of content. Mostly because it can cause me to have panic attacks and other icky things like that. It's best to ask first rather than get blocked later.
Gore & Torture

You sincerely need to inform me of your limits because I personally... don't have any. It's a very neutral topic and I heavily just enjoy the realism in scenes. Please do not contact me if graphic depictions are your fetish or some sort of erotic get-off.

If gore is NOT your thing: Please tell me your limits, and I mean IN DETAIL, so no boundaries are crossed. Everything can be fluffed up in vague detail, avoided entirely, or put off scene. I am open to time-skips, avoiding medical scenes, and violence all together. Your preferences are very important to me.

If gore IS your thing: I'm very, very good at it. I have a few characters that are meant to be very horrific and are on the Chaotic Evil alignment due to this. My horror characters might find torture, gore, and violence erotic but I personally do not. Any abrasively forward requests to sexually torture your character will be firmly denied. I'm not here to get your rocks off. I personally have a soft spot for Psychotic killers, Sociopathic Antagonists, and Cruel villainy so I UNDERSTAND intense interest!

Just don't be weird about it, okay?

Substance Abuse

You might see some of my characters abuse medication, drink heavily, chain-smoke, take whatever they can get out of that shiny party-bowl... or just straight up hound around for illegal substances to get their high on. Please be weary of these chaotic gremlins and their poor care of their bodies. I typically will use fictional drugs to get across that the character in question is a heavy-user/light-user of said stimulant.

Non-human Characters

I play characters that are typically not human! Usually they either are very human-passing or not passing at all... Aliens, werewolves, shifters, custom races, etc. What you won't find among my cast are Anthros/Furries, always-feral/animals, etc. They aren't my preference! This doesn't necessarily mean I have any problem with YOU playing an entirely non-human character. Dragons, Anthros, creatures, etc! Go ahead!

I just won't be making any Anthro-OCs anytime soon.

I love characters that have animal-like personalities and traits - I'm kind of a sucker for it - and even assign an animal to each of my cast members for fun. The closest you will see my characters to something more animal-like is when they have a secondary "form" or some sort of shifter alternate persona. I will warn you now: I am not looking to "Yiff" or "Breed" two feral-like characters together. Any sexualizing of my characters (the shifters) in their 'animal like' forms will result in the scene completely stopping.

It makes me extremely uncomfortable. I wholeheartedly want my characters to seek out others in a romantic light that can consent and are as close to their anatomy as possible. (Aliens included)

Rabbiit's Characters

Rabbiit either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Holy moly, can Eniiko write! They come up with such fun and funny scenarios on the fly, and their OC is a lovable dorkus. Deffo RP with this friendo, if you get the chance!! Great sense of humor Fast responses - RPJEANS
Where do I start? Eniiko is suuuper talented, at both art and writing. It's an absolute pleasure to roleplay with them, and they are definitely one of the kindest people I've ever met. Our plot is one of my all-time favourites! Eniiko will always make time for you, no matter what, and will literally go above and beyond to ensure that you're comfortable and having a blast. They are an amazing friend, and their personality is 10/10.

I'm super looking forward to our next McDonald's visit. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - oLuna

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