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I am Kat.
Yes I am Female.
I am not new at RPing, but everyday I am learning new things.
I love this site it is so much fun creating characters, Groups,
and making new friends.
I hope we can be friends!

Games I made:
Catnip Clicker:
Junk Food vs Veggies:
Alien Planet:

Rave Reviews

RachKirk is amazing and i love our Rp. one of my favorites. RachKirk knows how to make and use there characters. RachKirk is flexible and understanding. I hope our Rp last a long time. I can describe how good they are. Rp with RachKirk and be her friend. you wont regret it. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - kungpowdragon23
Jake Predon (played by RachKirk)
Very fun character. Reminds me of mob RP sites going back a long time ago. Does that role with style. Cool OC. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Pantrane

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