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Hi, I have been roleplaying for 7-8 years. I only play female characters for MxF/BxG but if you are interested in a roleplay, just let me know. Also, all of my roleplays have romance involved.

The main roleplay plots I enjoy:
-Alpha x Omega or werewolf x human (I play either Omega or human)
-Vampire x human (I play human)
-Fallen angel/guardian angel x human (I play human)
-Brother's best friend/best friend's brother
-High school/college couple
-Sugar daddy/baby
-Bad boy x good girl
-Married couple
-Pregnancy (always mixed with another plot)

My response schedule:
Monday - morning
Tuesday - afternoon
Wednesday - morning
Thursday - afternoon
Friday - morning
Saturday and Sunday - not available

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Rave Reviews

The New Year brought new friends as I met Rachel at the start of this year. We chatted and got an RP started, and I have to say their writing is beautifully done with nice descriptions in the narrative and really good dialogue!

It seems our writing styles mesh nicely as our characters give and take concurrenty in our posts and gives the RP a nice realistic feel to it.

If you get a chance to write with Rachel, I recommend you do it! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Rogue-Scribe
My twin characters Dexter & Damion are in an rp with Sarah Williams and it has been really fun! Her character is really down-to-earth and engaging and takes what she is given and carries the scene along! That and she is a really good dancer! I highly recommend getting into an RP with Sarah! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

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