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Hi, I have been roleplaying for 7-8 years. I only play female characters for MxF/BxG but if you are interested in a roleplay, just let me know. Also, all of my roleplays have romance involved.

The main roleplay plots I enjoy:
-Alpha x Omega or werewolf x human (I play either Omega or human)
-Vampire x human (I play human)
-Fallen angel/guardian angel x human (I play human)
-Brother's best friend/best friend's brother
-High school/college couple
-Sugar daddy/baby
-Bad boy x good girl
-Married couple
-Pregnancy (always mixed with another plot)

My response schedule:
Monday - morning
Tuesday - afternoon
Wednesday - morning
Thursday - afternoon
Friday - morning
Saturday and Sunday - not available

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Friendly and inviting. Makes you feel welcome. Kind and understanding Helpful - Anonymous
My twin characters Dexter & Damion are in an rp with Sarah Williams and it has been really fun! Her character is really down-to-earth and engaging and takes what she is given and carries the scene along! That and she is a really good dancer! I highly recommend getting into an RP with Sarah! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

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