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Me in a nutshell.

I'll re-write this soon enough and make it all fancy...

For now let's just pretend that it's all fancy and well done, Ok?

I will accept your 'oohs' and 'ahhs' now.

Corvin rolls 1d666 & gets 46.
Corvin snorts
You say, "gasp"
You say, "does this mean i MAY have a chance in being more evil than corv?"
RaeRae rolls 1d666 & gets 21
A Potato-corn

Rave Reviews

This girl right here... Awesome RPer and an AMAZING friend! I enjoy our small talks and our RPs together. She always know how to word things and keep it interesting! I super glad to have met her and I look forward to our future RPs! <3 - Boe
Everly (played by Raerae)
Everly is that rare character. She has this child-like wonder about her that you can only read about in disney books usually. I adore her. She is the quiet shy type but with a backbone as well that isn't expected to appear. Even if she wasn't deaf, she would still be one of a kind. Nobody can replicate her. She is one of a kind and a treat to interact characters with. - Michonne

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