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  • Gender: Demigirl
  • Birthday: March 12


I’m a very short person. Uhm. I can be very descriptive and depending on the time my vocabulary set can be larger than normal for my age (which is classified.) Btw my photo AKA my avatar is a neko.
Also, my character Rae, is actually based off of me irl, though she is not exactly me.

I have a cat who I love to death. :3
I can't seem to enter a picture of him here ;~;

Current Mental Status

While I haven’t gone to get my mental heath checked I know I’m not okay. I keep thinking if the bad things, of evderjtgibg that could go wrong. I get so scared of doing something that is viewed as wrong that I just don’t do anything at all. Everyday I feel as if my friends are drifting farther and farther and I just can’t keep up. I keep discovering that I’m getting anxious more and more. That no matter how hard I try to love myself I just can’t.

I realize I’m flawed and not perfect, just like everyone else, yet, I can’t shake it off that I might be alone. That everyone is lying to me, that they don’t actually like me. I’m not okay, and I don’t know when I will be.

Current love status



Current anything status

Back pain and stress


Rave Reviews

  • Now lets talk about this Motherly figure of Mine, and many others, She grounds me way to often, often for no reason ): . Buuuuut she is great person, she is very understanding, patient, and I am glad to have met this Waffle of a person. I hope our friendships last a...
    -- DashUnaSkorDash
  • Her characters have believable personalities and her writing is great. I would definitely recommend that you roleplay with her if given the chance.
    -- SolarLoki

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