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Currently in the mood for historical fantasy, but I do have some fandoms I'd enjoy doing rp of

1, World of warcraft

2. Hetalia (Yeah that show)

3. MLP G4

5. Fairy tail

6. PJO

Rave Reviews

*Takes a deep breath* Where do I even begin with you? I've known you for a long time and I have to say, you're a really patient person, and I love your characters. You give MORE than enough to work with in an rp (which is always awesome) and your descriptions just... I think people need to read them themselves to get a good idea, because I could not POSSIBLY do them justice with less than 500 characters. You're imaginative, creative, cool, and just a rockin' person in general. - Light_Of_Love
If you have a chance to RP with this player you are certain to get an exciting time ahead. This writer knows how to bring suprising if at times unexpected twists and turns to the ongoing plots without deviating from the storyline with his well thought out characters. Recommended! - Tusitala2017

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