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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: July 28

My name is Magnus! I am an author, worldbuilder, Dungeon Master, and Roleplayer of six years! I mainly write medieval fantasy, but do work with modern, future, sci-fi, and nonfiction on some occasions.

★~~Roleplay Rules~~★
Proper grammar.
Third person.
No asterisks.
At least four sentences in response.
No godmodding.

If you get the chance and are interested in what I'm building, please check out my world Mirys! The group is still being built, but will be done soon, hopefully!


Rave Reviews

  • I can't fit all the wonderful things about this young man on here, but I will cram as much as I can. Rainbow is one of the best Rpers I have had the pleasure of writing with. His character is presented in deep, expressive way, and the perspective of the character...
    -- xKeatonx
  • This boy. This boy is one of the most amazing fantasy writers I've ever roleplayed with. He not only has an incredible vocabularly, but writes eloquently without the RP being dense and thick. 13/10 I lov.
    -- tisonlychaos

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    "Can't recommend him enough. He just joined, but I have played with him for years and he is an amazing roleplayer and story-writer. He sets up enjoyable plots and is good at adapting to his writing partner. He uses wonderful words and pays delightful attention to detail. He always puts the joy of others first, and is very conscious of what people do and don't enjoy. He is a wonderful writer and puts a lot of thought into his plots and replies."
    (About 3 weeks and 2 days ago)
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