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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: July 28


~Merry Meet~

~Roleplaying Status~

I am currently active.
Writing is the best medicine~

Please keep in mind that even if I am active, I might be experiencing writer's block, or be too emotionally drained to respond thanks to a litany of mental issues. Just wish me luck, give me some time, and I will do my best to get you a response! I will always respond, or message you otherwise. <3



I've officially figured out and started writing the books for Mirys!!! MWAHAHA I'm so excited! I'm not satisfied with the group I've made on here, and it may be deleted. I might redo it?? Or just take it down permanently, but nothing's certain, yet.
If you get the chance and are interested in what I'm talking about, please check out my world Mirys! I've been working on it for about four years, and I would really appreciate it if you just checked it out! If you have, and have some comments, constructive criticism and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!


~Personal Information~

Who am I?

My name is Magnus!
I am also called Rainbowpitch, Mags, Maggie, and Mango! <3 Any of these are fine!
To get the big things out of the way, I am an avid artist, writer, worldbuilder, kickboxer, linguist, and chocolate-enthusiast, haha. I am Wiccan and Queer, a TCK (American and Swedish) and entirely ready for Uni. I love theatre, choir, history, and science (j'deteste math), and I love debating with people about geeky things in an academic way. I am completely open to other viewpoints and polite opinions, but I can't stand hate, so leave that at the web portal. <3

What About My Personality?

Some would say I'm an optimist, but I like to think I'm a realist who just has a reasonably positive outlook on life, thanks to surviving a lot of dark things (even though I'm not very old. I believe that wisdom comes with experience, not from age). These things helped me understand that it's up to me to decide how much worse or better I can make my life thanks to my own mindset. I'm a Leo, and the horoscope is fairly accurate about me (I'm not quite so vain, but I do take pride in my efforts and personal progress).
I am an ambivert in a way that I enjoy others and I also enjoy alone-time, but too much of either can be either exhausting or detrimental to my mental health, respectively. I enjoy chasing my passions and doing what I love, which can cause problems if I have things I NEED to do, but don't view as a priority. This often includes school. I have issues with motivation that I'm working on, and issues with self-esteem and feeling worth something, which I am also working on.
I like making new friends and was extremely good at this as a child. Those friends were never really true and never stayed, unfortunately, thanks to my family moving every one or two years. I also developed severe anxiety that seriously inhibits my ability to talk to people in real-life, especially people even a grade older than me.
When my friends ask me a question, I will always answer with what I believe to be true. I don't try to sugarcoat things, because if it's bad then you can look for ways to improve it. If I don't tell you that, it'll keep being bad forever. Honesty, I have found, that even if it will have a "bad" outcome, will almost always be the better option in the long-run. I try to hold true to my beliefs, and I like to think I'm quite a strong person, who's working on getting stronger.
I love happiness, I love being happy. I love to look up at the sky or stand in the rain or walk through a forest and remember that there is so much life, so much to life, and so much to be thankful for. I love the sunlight and the grey skies, I love the greens and blues and whites of nature. Birdsong and rustling leaves. The gentle ripples in lakes and trickles of streams. It's so soothing to me. It helps me focus on keeping a level head and not getting caught up in all the panic and business of life, because stars know that it's an easy web to fall into, and a hard one to cut yourself out of.

Tidbits and Fun Facts! (Careful, it's long)

GreatFreeHoneyeater-max-1mb.gif*I love fun facts and enjoy asking something I call 'Tidbit Questions' to help me get to know my close friends. Just little random questions that pop into my head at any time.
*I LOVE listening to D&D shows or Podcasts like C Team, Critical Role, and The Adventure Zone (Taako forever)!
*I love looking at the sky, no matter what it looks like. Gives me hope and reassurance.
*I always start to write songs, but never finish them! Typical.
*I survived five years of serious depression and suicidal thoughts, and am proud of it.
*I have Mirror Touch Synesthesia! If I can see it or imagine it, I get tingles in that part of my body. Intense. Tingles. My previous DM used this as a way to mess with me, haha.
*I ~really~ like lemons, but I hate limes.
*I've banned myself from buying junk food. ;m;
*Sometimes I like to lay on the ground for no reason.
*I'm a teenager, but my body's convinced I'm sixty. Not cool.
*Dogs AND cats! And snakes.
*I love learning new words and using them in my writing!
*My classmates always assume I'm smarter. Even if I don't say anything. Why.
*I've actually been told that it's because I wear glasses. XD
*I've been using a Swedish keyboard for so long that I can't type on an American one anymore.8af669e9f30c98832731112267a6df77.gif
*I'm of close German descent, born in America, live in Sweden, with a South Korean boyfriend.
*I love culture, haha.
*I also love economics, history (except for American history), psychology, biology, and conceptual physics.
*I watched the first Hobbit movie seventeen times in a row, once.
*I've read the Fablehaven series six times over.
*I've started learning four different languages, and want to learn about twice that.
*Ironically, I have a speech impediment that causes me to stutter and say words incorrectly.
*My favorite color is emerald green!
*I love gemstones and learning about geology.
*My brothers (I have two) call my nails "claws" because no matter what I do or how I cut them, they're always sharp.
*I've only tried honeysuckle once, and it was straight off a bush in Mission Viejo, Cali, in the third grade. My friend was showing me, and I thought she was crazy for sucking on a flower. It was good, though.
*I have a love-hate relationship with kumquat and blackberries.
*My friends bribe me with candy, I'm not kidding. I am so easy to buy off with chocolate.
*I used to play cello, and want to play it again. I also want to learn piano, panpipes, guitar, the hurdy-gurdy, and the wooden flute.
*I've been singing for my whole life!
*I want to learn swing and highland dancing.
*I like cooking and I'm okay at it, but I'm much better at baking!
*I still am a secretly huge fan of Barbie films
*I enjoy belting out Disney songs at random moments
*My favorite style of writing is the flowery descriptive type of writing you might find in a John Steinbeck book. The vivid words that paint pictures so descriptive you can hear them? That's my jam.
*I love Steven Universe, Harry Potter, Marvel, Game of Thrones, LotR, Fablehaven, and a million other things
*It's hard to find music that I don't like (unless it's vulgar rap), but my favorites are folk music, punk, alternative, and rock. Following that come dubstep, pop, and swing!
*I love colors and the effects they can have on all sorts of things. How even the slightest change can change something entirely
*All of my molars are uneven, the inner line of the ridges lower than the outer! Not crooked, just shorter. Weird, huh?
*I made my first character in sixth grade, and I still have the drawing!
*Sometimes I dye my hair neon green
*My family always says my earbud music is too loud, but how else are you supposed to listen to music?
*One day I want to write books!
*My ultimate dream is to inspire people.
*If it weren't for ASMR, I don't think I'd ever sleep. Ever.
*I always have about eight blankets and an electric comforter on my bed
*I like going on walks. It's relaxing, and feels like freedom to me haha
*My texting style is full-worded (usually) and old text emojis :D
*I have an overworked guilt-drive. It's super easy to make me feel bad (my mom once tried to make me stop crying by reminding me that no one came to my little brother's birthday. I was like a water park.)
*Unfair assumptions make me angry. Just don't do it. About anything.
*I play Halo, Skyrim, Minecraft, Killer Instinct, SSX, Crash Bandicoot, CODZombies, Stellaris, Banished, Motorcross Madness (that cheap Xbox game), Don't Starve, God of War, and Subnautica
*I'm dating this cutie, not that he's ever on this site 😅
*Isn't the term "feminism" in and of itself exclusive? Why not just call it equalism or something? I understand the origins, but things change. If it's a movement for equality, why not name it something inclusive?

I Like Bad Memes

cd4737bfe70791251ab3fd0d2c477896.jpgI stole this from CassandravH no shame


What do I do?

I'm currently a highschool student living in Sweden, planning on going to a vocational art school to get better at 2D and 3D art (and hopefully animation). In summers I intern on the Concept Art team for Dice! I am an artist WebbedFavorableBats-max-1mb.gif(12 years), writer (7 years), musician (7 years), Roleplayer (6 years), worldbuilder (4 years), and Dungeon Master (2 years)! I mainly write about medieval fantasy, but do work with modern, sci-fi, and nonfiction on some occasions. I have a lot of hobbies,too! I like making sculptures and masks, I like writing poems, baking, singing, painting, and creating characters. I started playing D&D about four years ago, and I tend to create my own worlds when I act as a DM! At one point I want to do commissions and get faster at finishing pages for my comic, "REROLL."

Want to play with me?

I am a long-term player with a lot of experience! I can match the writing lengths of my partners, and I'm pretty patient with responses (I appreciate patience on the other end, too. I can get really busy). I mainly work in high-fantasy medieval genres, but I do occasionally work in modern, futuristic, and non-fiction genres!
★~~Roleplay Rules~~★
Proper grammar.
I am not of age for the legal requirements of this site. Sexual content requires a fade-to-black (romantic content is fine!).
Third person.
No asterisks.
At least four sentences in response.
No godmodding.


Writing Example

There was a moment's pause, a bated breath. A moment of thought to process the high elf's strange words. The posture of the cloaked Drow lowered a bit from its tense defense, the grasp on the staff less severe. It took a few more thoughts for the Drow to regain his voice, stolen by the fingers of surprise and disbelief.

"Questions..?" he asked in a hushed breath. The hooded elf turned away for a moment, surveying his lush garden and shaded house. Hesitantly he looked back to the gentle-mannered elf behind him and tapped worn fingers on his dark staff. "Come, then. It'll do no good to be standing here like carven statues." he caved, turning to stride through the garden path, bringing them to a stop in front of a finely carved table and set of chairs not far from a peach tree. The Drow extended a hand to a chair in a motion for Ellisar to sit, taking a seat of his own opposite the one offered to the stranger.

With a soft sigh the Drow rubbed a hand up against his face. Now that the distance is much smaller, his shadowed face is visible beneath the confines of the hood. Dark grey skin and eyes such a pale lilac they almost look like little white crystals. His eyes are angular and sharp, lined with long white lashes. His eyebrows are curved and high, white as snow and the right is dissected by a pale silver scar across the bone. His face is slender with high cheekbones and plump purpled lips which are lightly scabbed on the insides. His ears are long and pierced a dozen times, his nose round and delicate, pierced through the septum with a glittering emerald and silver ring. The hands poking out at the mouths of the cloak sleeves are small and slender, the backs of them soft. The fingers, however, are long and calloused, worn from many years of work and practice. For now they lay on the painstakingly carved table, for now the staff leans idly against the peach tree.

The eyes of the dark elf were unblinking, staring assessingly at Ellisar like he could read the High Elf, trailing over his open features and simple clothes. The pack he carries and the grooves of his face. It was only then that the purple mouth opened. "How come you by this house?" his voice pondered, rubbing his fingers together absently. "This is not a place that often sees visitors. Why have you come to ask me questions? And what might these questions be?" his tone was not deep, nor was it too high. It was calm and assessing and smooth, with a natural coldness to his faintly-accented words. Unreadable and expressionless.

Want to chat?

I'd love to! Just send me a message here! You can also reach me on



The art I use in my character profiles is not mine unless otherwise stated! If I can find the artist I will most certainly credit them, but often times the creator of the piece is hard to track down. If you recognize a picture and know the artist, I would love to put credit! My current user icon is made my me, haha. I do art for requests, by the way! If you'd like something, I'd be honored to do it!

Art Examples


~What Are My Projects?~

Currently, my biggest project is called Mirys, which is a world I have been building for about four years, now! It’s a medieval fantasy style world of high magick, filled with individual cultures, important figures, conflicts, histories, and many custom and original races, plants, and animals. It’s a large world with much to explores and many opportunities. There’s a group here on RPR if you’d like to learn more and perhaps roleplay, if you’re interested!
I am also DMing for a D&D campaign called REROLL! It’ll be a comic eventually, so if you’re interested, check up here for updates! Pages will be posted on my dA, eventually. I'm currently in the process of redoing them, after having improved my style a lot and being dissatisfied with the quality of the first three pages.

~Merry Meet Again, And Blessed Be~

Rave Reviews

  • While we only talk OOC, Magnus is wonderful. His creativity is something that will make you keep prodding him for information to learn more, because he crafts absolutely magnificent things. It also makes his writing ability apparent. You should truly check out his...
    -- Demilicious
  • I can't fit all the wonderful things about this young man on here, but I will cram as much as I can. Rainbow is one of the best Rpers I have had the pleasure of writing with. His character is presented in deep, expressive way, and the perspective of the character...
    -- xKeatonx

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