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Hello and welcome to my profile!
My RPR Avatar Sprite!
About My Character Profiles

I have quite a few characters up currently with only partially done profiles. I'm a busy mom, so I start a profile and have to work on it bit-by-bit. If someone looks interesting, but their profile isn't finished - just ask me! Almost all of them are fleshed out characters. (The "WIP" tag line just means I haven't finished the profile. 😂)

If a character has unavailable in their tagline, it means I won't use them for RP for any number of reasons (I.E. Burnt out on using them, Story specific, etc.)... It's nothing personal against people requesting the RP. :)

The Basics
  • Pacific Timezone ( GMT- 8 )
  • Full-time mom to an amazing kiddo with autism
  • Coffee Addict
  • Tattoo/Piercing Enthusiast
  • Wannabe Artist
  • Gamer (Mostly Dragon Age, Pokémon, Elder Scrolls, Saints Row, and SoL like Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley)
Very Important RL Info
  • I have an autistic child - his needs periodically pull me away for a few days at a time depending on the state of his sleep/mental health cycle or if he has appointments.
  • I have ADHD - 'Time Blindness' can be a problem for me, as does reading comprehension. I may miss something in a post or misunderstand entirely. It's not intentional. Feel free to point out if I somehow missed a part of a post or prod me if a significant amount of time has gone by. Generally none of this is a HUGE problem, but don't be afraid to gently nudge me regardless.
  • The biggy; I have hEDS - Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Among the symptoms are severe pain and fatigue. I go through periods where I am just flat out unable to brain well enough to respond to posts for an indeterminate amount of time and I apologize profusely for that. If you don't wish to RP with me because of that, I completely get it. I always come back though, so patience and OOC excitability goes a long way with me. ❤️
About Me
  • I won't accept random friend requests - please speak to me first! Friend requests are also limited to 18+.
  • I am a very chatty, very open, very curious person. I am a huge supporter of OOC communication! I like to mindlessly joke - whether it's about stupid human tricks or RP. Keeping things light and fun helps keep the RP fun in my book. (Especially with darker themes.)
  • I like to check in with my partners (especially if we talk a lot) and make sure they're okay - online or not, everyone likes feeling cared about!
  • I will ramble on just about anything - from my cats, weird things my kid is doing, or potential what-ifs in an RP. I like to ask/know about characters, potential plots, etc... it's fun for me! Especially if I'm not involved in the RP. It's meant to be a world of creativity, so who knows what you can come up with bouncing these things off another person.
  • I'm a pretty open book. I have no issue sharing anything about my characters OOC, questions about dealing with my kiddo as an autism mom, whatever you may be curious about. I am not one of those people who feels the need to keep my RP partners at arms length. I will listen if you need to vent, I will plot with you... whatever.
  • Side Note: If something I say comes across as serious or potentially hurtful - please tell me. It's never my goal to upset someone OOC. It's easy to misconstrue things in text and no one likes to feel attacked, ignored, or have their feelings hurt (especially when it's not the intent).
Other Random Facts
  • I like making characters that are talented in cooking/baking or musically.... likely because I'm not.
  • I like using names that end with the letter A, as I find them easier to create a full name around. I also enjoy using French names, as my own ethnic background is very French heavy.
  • I use the heart emoji, XD face, and gifs. A lot. I also share a lot of stupid memes and pictures of my pets.
  • I am really into nail art and will often share what's on my fingers or some polish I've just gotten.
  • I love anything pineapple or citrus scented.
  • I'm a big fan of werewolf characters. Oh, the potential plots they can bring....

RP Preferences and Requirements
  • My preferred settings are modern, modern-futuristic/Sci-Fi, fantasy, modern-fantasy, and Romance. I struggle with "normal" SoL RP - there needs to be something 'extra' to keep my interest. But, that doesn't mean I won't do it. So don't be afraid to ask.
  • I'm not really into fandom RP, less so if it involves canon characters to the fandom. I might consider original characters in a setting so long as any of the canon characters aren't involved.
  • Writing in third person and past tense (however, I won't fault you if you do third person and present tense). I generally won't want to write with first person, however. It's awkward to read and feels too "personal" for RP.
  • Multi-Paragraph; preferably two! If it's a single paragraph, I can work with it - so long as there is enough for me to use to in my own response. But please, break it up. It's hard for me to read one large continuous paragraph.
  • 1x1 RP in RPR Private Messages or Discord.
  • I prefer to RP with adults over 21+ OOC. It's just personal comfort level.
  • I will only RP with Characters/Players18+ as my RP usually contains NSFW/Adult themes. (NPC children and such not included.)
  • OOC Communication; I'm very friendly and chatty and like to plot. But, more than anything. This is to avoid any misunderstandings or unintentional complications. Please just ask me if you aren't sure about something I said. Text can be hard to convey meanings properly.
  • I won't do OOC Drama - at all. If I'm being forced to defend my actions IC, being told what to do, or start getting attacked on a personal level, I will immediately quit the RP and cut the person off. I am not my characters and I won't defend myself over character decisions (as I may not even agree with what is occurring). I am a real person with feelings just like everyone here.
Dos, Donts, Erotica, and Dark Themes

Due to community guidelines, you can find this information in my “About Me” profile in my character list.

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Honestly, Ramika is one of the absolute nicest people I've ever met online. Not only is she kind, she's also funny and extremely understanding. Trust me, you will not regret speaking to or RPing with her! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - starflower
Ramika and I started an rp which was out of my normal sphere of comfort. However, with Ramika's additions to the story and her patience at making sure I'm on the right page sure has made our rp a great one. I look forward to continuing the rp when things are right. Helpful Wonderful writer - DukeKagan

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