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About Me

*21+ Age
*Pacific Timezone ( GMT- 8 )
*Full time mom to an amazing kiddo with autism
*Coffee Addict
*Gamer (Mostly Dragon Age, Pokémon, Elder Scrolls, and SoL like Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley)
*Cats, Rats, and Pigs = Favorite Animals
*I'm extremely laid back and constantly crack jokes - RP related or not. Very little bothers me RP-wise or OOC-wise. I try to be extremely easy to deal with, but even I have my limits.
*I love making characters that are musicians or talented with cooking/baking. Maybe it's because I'm not.

Current Schedule and Response Time
Right now, my ability to respond has become every 2-3 days. Life has gotten a lot busier, so if it seems like I have somehow forgotten a response, do let me know!

Preferred RP Settings and Requirements

*My preferred settings are modern, modern-futuristic/Sci-Fi, fantasy, modern-fantasy, and Romance. I struggled with "normal" SoL RP - there needs to be something 'extra' to keep my interest.
*Writing in third person & past tense (however, I won't fault you if you do third person and present tense). I won't deal with first person, however.
*Multi-Paragraph; at least two! If it's a single paragraph, I can deal so long as there is enough for me to work with for my response. But please, break it up. It gets hard trying to read one continuous paragraph.
*1x1 RP in RPR Private Messages or Discord; I prefer PMs. Discord can be hard for me to keep up with.
*RP with adults over 21+ OOC. Nothing against 18 year olds, but it's just personal comfort level.
*RP with Characters 18+... same reason. Comfort.
*OOC Communication; I'm very friendly and chatty. I like to joke around! But, more than anything. This is to avoid any misunderstandings or unintentional complications.

What I Will Do

*RP Women
*Roll dice - I do this for RP purpose such as adding spice or if I am torn between decisions
*Interesting, complex RP involving romance, drama, dark RP, action, and/or adventure (all with or without erotica)
*FxM, FxF, FxNonbinary/Genderfluid/Trans Romance

What I Won't Do

*Accept random friend requests - please speak to me first! And be 18+. This is important for everyone's safety and comfort.
*OOC Drama - at all; This is an instant cut-off. If I'm being forced to defend my actions IC or being told what to do, I will immediately quit the RP and potentially ghost. I am not my characters and I won't defend myself over character decisions (as I may not even agree with what is occurring).
*M/M or play males; I am not good at playing males, nor am I comfortable with it. I've tried and I don't find myself believable as a male character.
*Group Forum RP; We can discuss the potential for a three-person RP via PM or Discord. In general however, I usually say no.

Thoughts On Ghosting

I try not to ghost anyone, but a few things will make me do so - namely OOC drama or godmodding. If you come at me OOC or start telling me what to do - there will be no conversation, I will straight up ghost. I have had too many bad experiences in the past with that. But! It's okay to check in with me and make sure I didn't forget about you somehow.

As for ghosting me, it happens. It has happened. Unless I know ahead of time that you're a sporadic poster or have told me that you need a break/aren't interested/etc.... after one month, I'll move the post to "Gone Dark." If we hit the two month mark, I'll just delete the post and assume you're over it.

I may check in once or twice, but I'm very busy in RL... I don't have the time or patience to repeatedly ask where you are.

About Erotica and Dark Themed Roleplay

I will do both. However, there some things I absolutely will not do under any circumstances.

You can find this information in my character list.

Rave Reviews

Niamh Kelly (played by Ramika)
Niamh is the sort of woman who comes with surprises. She digs under the surface of paired characters and seeks truth. She may not be an overly assertive person, but she has a way with her actions and words that connects her to others. She had a deep backstory that gives her wonderful depth in how she handles situations. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Anonymous
Ramika has been a wonderful breath of fresh air. She has been nothing but sweet, kind and understanding to me. She is very OOC friendly and it's clear she is a drama free zone. I am happy to count her among my RPR friends <3 I have had the chance to RP with her too! While our writing styles are different, I adjusted to her and found I have enjoyed RPing with her greatly. <33 Kind and understanding Fast responses - Mipps

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